daily blogging takes a break (29/Sept/18)

~~*for anyone interested/ to whom it may concern/ all my customers/ all my readers*~~

my Daily Blogging will be taking a break for now due to circumstances doing just what circumstances do as in get in the way, so for those it may concern and may indeed be concered by the lack of daily blogs I won’t be around often as of today, but, but, just to reassure you and as the famous one-liner goes, “I’ll be back!”, as will my daily bloggery for better or worse whether you like it or not as you can’t keep a random ramblin’, babblin’, droolin’, ranting man down… I will be in and out of here from time to time to check on messages and such but for a short period my usual activities will be dormant but like I say I will return as soon as I’ able and circumstances stop being circumstances and allow….. thanks for sticking with me, dropping by and I’m sure I won’t be away from it that long and just hopes you’ll all, or some, will still be here when I get back…… {🍵}

© 2018 robert greig

poem or prose (27/Sept/18)

should I write a poem
or should I write prose
no one can tell me because nobody knows,
should I write in short-line
or should I write in long, letting my thoughts swim away hooked upon a hook with rhyme as bait to tempt away from just another bring day,
should I write nonsense
or chart a narrative
tacking for some clarity some parity of time,
should I conjure modern verse and keep it terse or borrow some poetic curse, delusions of an epic that just in a jot could lose the plot becoming a polemic,
or should I just go freehand, free-form, a consciousness of streams all-aboarding trains of thought chugging forthright down the line between the rails slicing wind-swept platforms leaving passengers with tickets-raised waiting for yet more delays and spotters of the trains that gaze in awe and adoration,
but then there is the question of decay
as random as that sounds
where intent and direction meet, clash and fight for dominance which is nought to do with dominoes and much ado with what your nose is telling me of which way I should go
poetry or prose.

© 2018 robert greig

always been (22/September/18)

they say one should never drive angry… I agree… but what about writing, should one write angry?… I’m angry, right now… or write now?… probably because I’m angry a lot these days; or have I always been like this?… it’s hard to look back without confabulating, cherry-picking either the worse or the best and neglecting the embarrassing, forgetting the inconvenient and burying psychoses.. I appear to have two settings, anger and numb, flip-flopping between the two through rather unsettling crossing points… there’s a lot to be angry about these days; or have they always been like this?… some say so, let it all out, they say, you’ll feel better…. they?… yes, the therapites, those who want to therapise you in submission, raze you to the ground, or hang you out with all your dirty laundry… and before you ask, yes, I reserve the right to invent words, commentators and politicians and fashionistas (i.e. the frivolous) get away with it every day……… and will you?… what?… let it all out?… will it make me feel better?… you can’t know for sure whatever the so-called precedents, and what if it wasn’t, what would be unleashed then?… they say holding it all in corrodes you inside out, even hollows you out… again, no one’s completely sure, it could be that releasing it into the wild like rats from a laboratory would only result in all kinds of unseen fallout… nuclear energy is kept inside the reactor for a good reason… yes I know, far too many analogies running amok here methinks… once the genie’s out of the bottle you can’t unknow, unsee, unhear, untouch what’s unravelled… then what about considered angry writing, or is anger beyond anything considered, a morphograph, a dilution or perhaps distillation of……… what I do know is driving angry = bad idea, whereas writing angry, well, just ensure there’s plenty of ink in the well………

© 2018 robert greig