Welcome to “My life as a piece of string”….

… a daily bloggery assortment of own writings, poetry and images all gathered together in almost one place with the centrepiece, my main site, being the “piece of string” blog that is written every day.  You can navigate each of my e-scapes from the top navigation menu on each page which via a hop and skip will land you at whichever you choose.

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2007 on previous sites and by 2010 was writing them daily on Blogger and by 2013 had migrated to WordPress, always with minimal if any editing. Identical writings are posted on both sites daily.

I only keep the current years blogs active and available for the reader while all previous years ones are currently planned for a set of annual historical Archives, currently a mammoth work in progress, which will be in physical and digital format so they won’t be lost or deleted. I do this in part to reduce the clutter of my ever-growing mass of older online blogging, and because few, if any, are re-read after a few months anyway being as they are, written for the moment, for the here and now.

(apologies for any advertisements here, it’s just the downside of a free web account on WordPress that maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to remedy)

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my life as a piece of string blogscapes
: My Life as a Piece of String :
daily blog and centrepiece

affirmations of another kind poemscapes
: Affirmations of Another Kind :
poetry of all kinds

: Notahaiku :
three-line verse loosely based on this form

sifting sounds soundscapes
: Sifting Sounds :
aural explorations and music linked via my Soundcloud

: Through a Lens Darkly :
portfolios of themed photographic collections

abstractals abstractscapes
: Abstractals:
surreal and abstract photography

to the gullery gallery...gullscapes
: Gullery Gallery
gull photography via my Flickr page


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Of unknown renown I’m a photographer, photojournalist, writer, blogger, the fairly-inaccurate poet, , graphic designer, otterologist, soundonomist, tea addict, coffee connoisseur (!),  experimental gentleman, cork-collector, anthropologist, birder, naturalist, music addict, prog fan, dreamer of electric sheep……… often found listening to the shipping forecast with a fresh pot of tea or cafetiere of coffee, pen in hand, camera close by, an eye on the world trying to keep up……. or not…..

My one-time delusions of being a rock star/ guitar impresario are now filled with attempting to be a poet, photographer and wordsmith.  I’ve had long and probably wayward ‘career’ as an ecologist and naturalist, gardener, environmentalist, anthropologist and a few other unremarkable things, some of which I still practice and all of which have lead me here to the here and now. 

… some of my fingers are double-jointed
… some of my fingers have no joints
… I like reading catalogues
… love the smell of cardboard
… I am not an otter
… winter is my favourite season
… my sneezes are fierce
… I’m allergic to racists
… I dream of electric sheep

© All my writings and photographs are protected by copyright law.

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