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Me, aka meonomous, aka rob, scribbler, snapper, rhymer, worder, blogger, poet, writer of words, thinker of thoughts that lurch from one day to the next in an easily distracted way…



… naturalist, anthropologist, gardenist, yogalect, coffeehead, proglodyte, cynic, randometrist, experimental gentleman, qualified in all and none…. this is my blog, or diary, of cracks and flaws and scars, of unedited nonsense, ramblings, babblings, stream of flimsiness, strains of whimsiness alongside some things that occasionally rhyme… enjoy your wander around my word garden where I propagate ponders and cultivate musings…

*please respect my ownership of my writings and photographs, music and sounds *

I’ve been blogging words and images here, there and everywhere since 2007, and by 2013 I landed here, at WordPress. The aim is to write and post every day but every now and then stuff happens and a day or two gets lost in the mist.

I frequently declutter to keep things tidy by retiring previous years writings. If I didn’t do this it’d get mighty very, well, cluttered with discards and debris, piles and unwelcome toe-stubbing opportunities, not to mention low-hanging blogs. I still have a grand project of posting them in the form of historical archive, something which, unsurprisingly, I haven’t quite got around to yet.

A beginners guide to the category links at the top of the page:

allscapes: is as it says, no mystery, it’s everything, all categories in one click.

blogscapes: ramblings, trains of thought, streams of consciousness, moments of refraction.

poemscapes poetry, rhyme, verse, doggerel and journeys in rhythm.

photoscapes abstract photography on Flickr.

gullery gallery:  gull photography on Flickr.

abstractals:  abstract photography on Flickr.

sifting sounds podcast my occasional podcast of aural asides on SoundCloud.

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