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Of unknown renown I’m a photographer, photojournalist, writer, blogger, the fairly-inaccurate poet, , graphic designer, otterologist, soundonomist, tea addict, coffee connoisseur (!),  experimental gentleman, cork-collector, anthropologist, birder, naturalist, music addict, prog fan, dreamer of electric sheep……… often found listening to the shipping forecast with a fresh pot of tea or cafetiere of coffee, pen in hand, camera close by, an eye on the world trying to keep up……. or not…..

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2007 on previous sites and by 2010 was writing them daily on Blogger, by 2013 I’d migrated to WordPress. My blogs tend to be with minimal, and in some cases no, editing. blogs active and available for the reader while all previous years I’m hoping to upload in the form of annual historical archives, a mammoth work in progress. It’s all part of my regular decluttering of my ever-growing mass of online ramblings and because few, if any, are re-read after a few months or even days anyway being as they are, written for and in the moment.

… some of my fingers are double-jointed
… some of my fingers have no joints
… I like reading catalogues
… love the smell of cardboard
… I am not an otter
… winter is my favourite season
… my sneezes are fierce
… I’m allergic to racists
… I dream of electric sheep


blogscapes: regular ramblings, trains of thought, streams of consciousness, moments of refraction.

poemscapes:  my poetry, rhyme, verse, doggerel and journeys in rhythm.

haikuscapes:  my attempts at short-form three-line verse, or haiku.

soundscapes:  takes you too my SoundCloud page of aural asides, original music and natural ambient sounds.

abstractals:  surreal and abstract photography on my Flickr page.

gullery gallery:  gull photography on my Flickr page.

(apologies for any advertisements here, it’s just the downside of a free web account on WordPress that maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to remedy)

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