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solitary ant, 23/July/17

it feels like autumn it’s summer I’ve never done a handstand, I’ve never been able to…. I’ve never done a cartwheel, I’ve never been able too……… never did a black-flip, guess what, I’ve never been able too……. if I did them now I’d likely snap something, break in two, come off worse, black and probably… Continue reading solitary ant, 23/July/17

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free-fallin’, 22/July/17

all our hero wanted to do was to curl up and stop this lumpen ball of mud from turning and see it fall from the sky….. why doesn’t the earth fall out of the sky?… he wondered…….. maybe we are hanging off the moon, like a pendulum, swinging and spinning in desperate, perpetual, circular motion…….… Continue reading free-fallin’, 22/July/17

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aye, 21/July/17

“wind’s picking up again” “aye” “might be in for some weather” “aye, weather, there’s always weather” “aye” “is that a cloud?” “aye, ‘appen as maybe” “yup, definitely some weather coming” “aye” “when did it last rain?” “hmm, a few couple or so days or three back?” “more than that surely…” “aye, probably, a few couple… Continue reading aye, 21/July/17

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ants! 20/July/17

ants! not in my pants nor are my pants on fire…….. ants in my skirting!… no, that’s not a euphemism………. it was like a scene from a horror movie akin to “The House that Bled”…….. in my case, ants! not just ants but flying ants too, cheeky monkeys…. although they weren’t monkeys, they were ants,… Continue reading ants! 20/July/17

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between the eras, 19/July/17

through the fennel forest passed the ragged ragwort’s random eyes, tall as you can imagine and taller…… through the prairie lyme grass dune scarred in colonnades… stepping onto softer sand to the beach beyond between the eras, milky-white the air, the sky, into which the sun is wont to burrow to avoid the heat still… Continue reading between the eras, 19/July/17

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sleepfractured, 18/July/17

sleep / fractured… wayward… broken… I know what a sink plughole feels like when the plugs been removed and everything unfiltered rushes down it…. one of those nights when it seemed all the demons came out to play… every possible tiny worry, fear, panic, anxiety emerged from the corners of the room to taunt….. sleep… Continue reading sleepfractured, 18/July/17

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the spoils, 17/July/17

too much noise again insisting itself into my head…. … I’m going to have to become a hermit…. I’m clearly not thick-skinned enough to let the stupidity of people just wash over me, even though to some extent I do so by screaming inside while remaining externally impassive…. I have a garden full of broken… Continue reading the spoils, 17/July/17