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on glass, 20/Sept/17

I can’t I can’t quite I can’t quite bring myself to I can’t quite bring myself to write anything there’s just too much swilling around shouting and swearing, wearing me down, grinding and blinding while leaves cling to invisible webs suspended it seems in mid-air, too much of everything, too much noise, becoming soundbitten, threadbare,… Continue reading on glass, 20/Sept/17

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blogago, 19/Sept/17

the bottom, or far end of my house could now be justifiably called ‘the North’… even though it isn’t north nor facing north nor at any stretch of a compass north…. now that autumn is clearly barging, or perhaps more innocently whistling its way into view as is evident in the sunrise… yes, sunrises say… Continue reading blogago, 19/Sept/17

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whatever is, 18/Sept/17

well, yes of course I could’ve been this, I could’ve been that, I could I suppose ‘ve been anything pretty much….. though possibly not a woolly mammoth though I was a goat once in a pantomime, and oh yes, a tree in a school nativity….. I don’t know what kind of tree, just a tree… Continue reading whatever is, 18/Sept/17

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once then the end, 17/Sept/17

todays blog is brought to you by ‘Less is More More or Less Press‘……… “once. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… Continue reading once then the end, 17/Sept/17

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coming being going gone, 16/Sept/17

you can feel it…. clamouring for attention… the wiles of autumn whims of fall… the fall of summer tumbling, crashing crumbling towards an inevitable winter… not that I’m complaining, I like winter, time of the long-dark…… will this one be a proper winter, not just a mild chaotic hurried flurry of mismatched meteorology?…. seems years,… Continue reading coming being going gone, 16/Sept/17

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the above below, 15/Sept/17

sometimes I can stop myself spinning long enough to get a bearing wrap my arms around myself and hold myself in a space…. in space…… it doesn’t stop the descent but it does stop me flailing providing a momentary presence of the motionless, a stillness, balancing on molecules….. the fall continues through atmospheres of atmospheres,… Continue reading the above below, 15/Sept/17

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dead life, 14/Sept/17

I found a dead leaf… (I did) and it’s still summer… (is it?) I suppose things die every day whatever the season… (they do) maybe it was leftovers from last year and just didn’t decay fast enough or was ignored by passing worms who are keen in dragging them under the soil and I suppose… Continue reading dead life, 14/Sept/17