pinball (25/April/18)

light falls aching from the heart of the sun
bleeding, feeding
space is open for business, in-filled,
filling in the blanks and gaps, oozing it clogs the arteries, almost,
wrapping holes in tangible veils, trails
of streamers, streams of trailers, traffic jams,
no room for errors, no country for old men, random
nests scattered orderly in canopies
to the left of me
the right of me
stuck in the middle, tolerate thy neighbour a branch away
branching out it sways disconcertedly in solar winds,
solar sails, solar plexus puffed up in mock display
chlorophyll fingers of yellow and green, green to gold, brown
to dead for everything a season, reason, rhythm
and rhyme, rock ‘n’ roll long-lived aging bark as
night falls aching from the heart of the moon
and all too soon it’s all over now baby blue when
it had only just begun
and it’s not even June
wane, wane, done and dusted, ash to ash, hand to mouth
time stubs its cold remains out on a convenient arm, a scar
regarded as a spoil of war, a brag, a boast, a toast, boiled
in oil a sky pours down like mercury another century and
we’ll be born Methuselahs, sensory overload infiltration, bloated
deprivation, expectations dashed, a pinch of salt
over the shoulder
off the shoulder
off the cuff
over the cuckoo’s nest
ends are lurking in beginnings, loaded guns, unexploded bombs,
day falls louder than the ear can ever hear,
that deaf, dumb and blind kid sure played
a mean pinball.

© 2018 robert greig

recycling sleep (24/April/18)

napping, in the middle of the day… it’s recycling sleep, unused from the night before or the night before that, or eve from the week gone… sleep isn’t lost, just stored, like apples over winter for use later when times are hard or you really have a craving for apple sauce… apples that is, not sleep……it’s likely to have lost some of its vigour (sleep that is, not apples), even lustre, and may or may not come with a dream, but if it should then it too will be largely if not entirely recycled… deconstructed and reconstituted into something not quite but almost…… a night-dream wouldn’t fit into a day-dream, the scale’s all wrong… like trying to squeeze an elephant into a thimble: the elephant would have to be mighty small or the thimble mighty huge and that would just be surrealism gone mad and as surreal as day-dreams can be, sometimes disturbingly so, none can realistically reach those giddy heights and would be taking recycling sleep far too far…

© 2018 robert greig

plastic politic (23/April/18)

I can’t believe a government minister wasn’t aware of the detrimental effects of plastics in the environment…

… but then again… after all, he’s only the Environment Minister… it’s either a shocking level of wilful ignorance or an equally worrying degree of naivety… or could it simply be a feint to hide inertia and inaction and a ‘sweep under the carpet and turn a political blind-eye’ policy, i.e. the continued irresponsible and unchecked use, abuse and disposal of plastics in general… surely not!… this is something the technological gold rush hasn’t helped with its explosion of gadgets , computers, hand-held this and hand-held that all made predominantly of plastic…

… I half-expect, albeit begrudgingly, the small-minded to be blissfully ignorant and ill-educated in such matters (sad to say there are so many), but a politician whose brief and ultimate responsibility at the very highest levels of government is such things is disturbing……

… then again, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised as this particular government has become well-versed at acting conveniently dumbfounded that it’s become its own parody… having never left the public school playground as yet another here-today-gone-tomorrow, ill-equipped and poorly-qualified minster is shunted from back-bench to front-bench rarely staying long enough for us to even know their name before skulking away in a wake of yet more innumerate and illegitimate failed policies…. I imagine their weekly cabinet meetings to be a veritable Mad Hatters Tea Party… “I know, let’s make the teapot the Minister for the Environment!”….

… now I may be sounding a bit cynical here (oops, is it that obvious) but when politicians start banging on about things many of us have known for years, and I mean years, because he’s just come across it on a recent television documentary it can be frustrating….

… their public epiphanies are not just embarrassments but dangerous precedents……

… an Environment Minister who has singularly failed to notice or even read the plethora of newspapers articles (particularly ones of an environmental and scientific kind which you imagine would be fundamental), journals (particularly ones of an environmental and scientific kind) papers or books (particularly ones of an environmental and scientific kind) that have been around for decades on this very issue, plastic….

… it’s not all evil of course, plastic, just our increasing reliance upon it and its harrowing abundance in any supermarkets ‘sweaty vegetables section’…… charging for plastic bags in shops and proposing a ban on plastic straws though laudable is small fry and not unlike trying to kill midges with a fly-swatter… it may make convenient headlines but the words “drops” and “oceans” spring to mind, not least because it was a documentary about oceans that seemed to wake up our aforementioned Minister to the fact that yes, maybe we are pooing on our own doorstep here….

© 2018 robert greig