like-mind (21/June/18)

but I don’t want to wake up

you have too

why? why should I?

because I say so

but that’s not fair, surely I have a say

not if you’re asleep

but I’m not asleep, I’m awake now

yes, you are but you weren’t when the decision was made

and who made it?



because I’m awake

so I have to be awake because you are?

of course

but I’m tired

well, it’s too late now because you are

I could go back to sleep…

no, you can’t, I won’t let you


it’s the solstice, the longest day

so, does that mean I’m not allowed to sleep?

seems so, if I’m not then you can’t be, simple

but doesn’t that mean that it’s going to be an awfully longer than usual time before next bedtime?

possibly, probably, maybe, depends

on what?

on when you go to bed

can I go to bed now?



because I say so

how does that make sense?

because I’m awake, ergo, you should be too

I’m still not getting it, you can’t stop me nodding off…

yes I can

how, how could you? sounds like a bluff to me

because I’m you


I’m you

how can that be

and you’re me

what? absurd…

and as I’m awake, and I say again, ergo, you are, it’s a fait accompli

I didn’t know I was multilingual

you’re not


trust me, you’re not

but I am awake clearly


if I just close my eyes……

hah! too late, you’re awake.

© 2018 robert greig

change is not always snail trails (26/May/18)

what is my writing but a collection of artefacts… or arty facts… or artifice… a veritable factory of the factitious… am I being factious here?… day after day of factoids languishing in an orbituary-fashion (no misspelling) like facteroids plucked with gravitational impunity before they can become facteors crashing to earth of their own volition to shatter into a million contemplations of similes and homilies, monotonies, contumacious fripperies…… am I trying to enlighten, brighten, frighten every day or fatten it for slaughter?… inevitabilities, as I’ve no doubt said before, are inevitable but change, change sometimes shouldn’t be… if a river forges a new route ultimately creating an ox-bow lake in its wake it’s just going with the flow, right?…. when a tree decides it’s time to drop its leaves, all normal seasonality, right?…. when a cloud changes shape, a tide recedes, when a wind changes direction, all taken for granted, right?… there’s no imposition just patterns revisited time and again because they just are… there’s no intent, good or bad, no malice, no promise… I’ve made the mistake of writing and rewriting todays blog which I never do, consequently I ditched it all and here is where I am… probably losing it, lost it, long ago maybe?… there’s too much in my head again wanting to escape, or stay exactly where it is, push and pull, a tug of war, of the wore-out, worn-out,  whored-out, phrases, traces, vapour trails, snail trails, entrails… now I’m just abusing rhyme, is that a crime? don’t mind me I’m just passing time til such time……… … I’ve tried to write this and tried to write that but as soon as thoughts leak out they misbehave like water trickling off in all kinds of crazy directions, they don’t want to be cornered, nailed to any cross, carved in stone, taken out of context, committed to the asylum… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so do these words deserve to be tinkered with like this and accept their fate?… it’s turning into a decided factastrophefactageddon…… I must get off my fact arse, despite it not being actually fat, if anything it’s skinny, as skinny as any sense to be found in anything I’ve written today….

© 2018 robert greig  (I think)

sneezonality (12/May/18)

and then I sneezed…
and then suddenly I sneezed…
and then suddenly out of the blue I sneezed…
and then suddenly out of the blue without warning I sneezed…
and then suddenly out of the blue without warning with no rhyme nor reason I sneezed…
then suddenly out of the blue without warning with no rhyme nor reason taking me by complete surprise I sneezed…
and then I sneezed again…
I’ve no one but myself to blame…
… and the sneeze.

© 2018 robert greig