daily blogging takes a break (29/Sept/18)

~~*for anyone interested/ to whom it may concern/ all my customers/ all my readers*~~

my Daily Blogging will be taking a break for now due to circumstances doing just what circumstances do as in get in the way, so for those it may concern and may indeed be concered by the lack of daily blogs I won’t be around often as of today, but, but, just to reassure you and as the famous one-liner goes, “I’ll be back!”, as will my daily bloggery for better or worse whether you like it or not as you can’t keep a random ramblin’, babblin’, droolin’, ranting man down… I will be in and out of here from time to time to check on messages and such but for a short period my usual activities will be dormant but like I say I will return as soon as I’ able and circumstances stop being circumstances and allow….. thanks for sticking with me, dropping by and I’m sure I won’t be away from it that long and just hopes you’ll all, or some, will still be here when I get back…… {🍵}

© 2018 robert greig

last thing (28/Sept/18)

what was the last thing you said to someone you last saw that and never seen again, all those people years past, maybe decades, that you didn’t necessarily know that particular conversation would be the last you’d ever have with them… of course you wouldn’t have known it would be the last thing you ever said to them and of course when it’s someone who died then it makes it all the more pertinent and poignant and quite often you may remember because of that but what of those still alive, someone on the same planet, part of your past but not of your present, what was that last thing you talked about?… it could have been as innocuous as “see ya later” or even something more involved, either way most of those last things are long forgotten, buried in gone-time, as is often the sound of their voice which you may remember or may only think you do cobbled together from remembering their quirks and traits…… there are those I knew very well long, long ago and yet even though I remember their faces, often clearly, and maybe roughly when and possibly where we last chatted I can’t remember specifically what was that last thing we said when we parted not knowing………

© 2018 robert greig

eye-drop moments (26/Sept/18)

it feels as though the only time I find a moment of peace is when I’m putting in my eye-drops… a single task, pure focus, if in a slightly contradictory sense… I always sit to do it, rest my head on cushions and first one then the other, drop, drop, blink, blink, close, hold… still… stretching a moment into a minute… hold… still… nothing moves not even me… the initial welcome coolness imperceptibly warms matching my body temperature… blink, blink, open, blink, blink, open… wipe away drop-tears glistening on the underside of my lower lid… then it’s over and the world stridently strides back in on specks of dust and skin bringing with it all the discord and dissonance glaring and threatening, staring into my bright shiny new eyes looking out… I don’t know who I’m trying to save anymore, or why, having been in what feels like a holding pattern for more than ten years and maybe even more… when was the last time I felt a sense of place or even a sense of time, when was the last time I felt safe?…… people spend years chasing contentment never to find it, I’ve given up on that, of all the goals to have for a goal it’s the one paved with near-misses and close-shaves… I have the scratched graffiti on me to prove it… is it better to want and want or simply surrender and with any luck at some point be surprised?… good old expectation again, a human curse, I wonder if other animals suffer this sufferance…… this lot is up for auction, place your bids early as it’s a one-time deal and when it’s done it’s well and truly done, over and out, so get it while stocks, of one, last… the blur has settled now, two happy irises, ready as they’ll ever be to spend the day being filled with yet more crap until I once again have an eye-drop moment…

© 2018 robert greig