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My Flickr page (to where the link will take you) contains several albums but one specifically dedicated to my obsession not just for birds but specifically for the humble gull, or perhaps not-so humble in some peoples eyes: the Gullery Gallery.  I try to capture gulls in the lens in all their glory in as many different ways, places, scenarios and behaviours as possible, which of course is an endless task.  Admittedly I have been known to spend hours at a time with them, watching, waiting, marvelling, simply enjoying their company.

Gulls are not the demons some would like to portray them as. They are intelligent, wild, beautiful, full of character and even ones of the same species display remarkable individual differences in behaviour and appearance, and at different times of the year.  Most bad press for the gulls is down too ignorance and misunderstanding, but when you spend time with them it’s then you get to see their fascinating nature and personality.

Constantly updating the Gallery with new pictures so don’t be a stranger.

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  1. Nice pictures…on was a bit woolly though. I heard a while ago now that gulls were getting a bad rap down the south of England. When pegging out laundry a small child was attacked, and this became so common people were frightened to do it without having someone watch their kids. They would have to plan trips into the garden etc.

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    1. there’s a lot of propaganda and misunderstanding and overreaction surrounding gulls and birds in general, bearing in mind we are partly responsible for some of their current behaviour which after all are merely instinct and unlike ours not based on malice. All to often these incidents are used to vilify gulls, birds and other animals rather than simply promote better understanding. Thanks for your comment Anita, always welcome and glad you did spend some time in the gallery 🙂

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      1. thanks Dorna, they are surprisingly big when you get right up close to them, and the more you look, the more time you spend with them, like I obviously do the more you see and appreciate their fascinating quirks and characters… and plumage!

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