pants of fire (21/July/18)

you’ve got to laugh, otherwise you’d stick your head in a blender…. “liar, liar, pants on fire!”… childish I know but that’s just I feel like shouting, and anyway, petulance seems to have become the default setting, alongside bigotry, racism, hostility, intolerance, anti-anyone who doesn’t look like you, a load of “na na na-na na” moments… but honestly, whenever the American president, I can’t even say that without laughing, says anything at all you can guarantee within 24 hours he’ll say the opposite, BFF’s face-to-face then slag, slag, slag as soon as their backs are turned, beyond a punch in the face reach… honestly, what’s he like!… well, a 10 year old, 12 at best, 6 at worse, although that’s probably disrespectful to those who are actually that age and not actually as childish as he is, or hypocritical, or turning a tantrum into an international incident, or worse… we’ve seen some pretty ropy, dodgy, you name it US presidents  but my oh my this has to be the worse, largely for its implications but also for the unfathomable reality that their equally ropy and dodgy, and outdated, voting process actually elected him…. “it’s democracy Jim, but not as we know it”, or wish it to be… the rise of right wing nationalism is not just the domain nor construct of the religious zealots, fanatics and your stereotype extremist but lives and breathes, pees and poos in the blackening hearts of an increasing number of (so-called) Western leaders doing precisely what they accuse others (i.e. the so-called East) of, becoming  Facebook besties with one after another eschewing those anyone promoting a more liberal, cooperative and less confrontational point of view…. honestly, one could say I’m speechless but as I’m scribbling this I’m clearly not entirely but I am become numb, don’t even know where to start in pointing out the clear and present wrongness of it all and it’s rubbing off on other global leaders, movers and shakers alike… yet another historical/ hysterical turning point?… but then, when are we not… every day another slow-motion car crash…  how low can one go?… as it happens very, exceedingly, lower than the word low can justifiably be used to describe it, too exponential depths ever in this bottomless race to the nadir… it’s said that rules are made to be broken, though I never thought by the people who actually make them…… honestly, he’s having one heck of a midlife crisis, get a sports car or have an affair (oh wait, he’s done the latter hasn’t he?… and the former!), take up pole-dancing (eek! now there’s an image I wish I’d never conjured)…. he’s been pushing so many buttons since usurping the straw throne that soon there’s only going to be one left to push, and therein lies to fear….
health warning: do not, and I repeat, do not, entertain a ‘special relationship’ with this man because it’ll end in tears… yours for certain…

© 2018 robert greig

becoming normal (25/ June/18)

angry, sad, furious, depressed, horrified, terrified, disempowered, dislocated, it’s hard to know where to start some days, in fact most days, when writing my daily diary… so much noise, friction, scratching, clawing, itches becoming rashes becoming pustules becoming open sores becoming diseased becoming infected becoming endemic becoming contagious becoming normal… yes, normal… the normalisation of a psyche, a politic of exclusion and other, of suspicion becoming mistrust, becoming bitterness becoming loathing becoming hate becoming bile becoming violence becoming contagious becoming normal…… from Trump claiming ‘his’ country is threatened with being overrun with ‘immigrants’ in a country already overrun with immigrants, the very ones now running their ‘promised land’, though I’m not sure who promised them it in the first place but therein lies another tale, trail, of rape and pillage, propaganda and genocide… normal…… why is anyone surprised when two paternalistic dictators meet for the first time that they should hit it off like old friends, like attracts like after all (and repulse in equal measure) and as the Hadron Collider proves on a daily basis when such things occur annihilation is the inevitable outcome…… the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia as  “extremists”, current incidents of desecrating Jewish cemeteries across Europe, the nihilistic and self-destructive tendencies of Brexit and all who sail in her sinking, and stinking, holds engendering and if not encouraging then hardly discouraging overt xenophobia, sectarianism, prejudice, insularity, intolerance… history is littered with collateral damage, killing fields, ‘cleansings’, rivers of blood, and not those of Enoch Powell’s poisonous rhetoric… but what to write about most days, the statutory obligation on local councils to provide a library service at the same time not specifying the nature of this resulting in them carte blanche closing all but a few or even just one, as long as there’s one they fulfil this laughable policy… closing and selling off public conveniences, parks and other green spaces, leisure centres, swimming pools, drop-in centres, even schools all under the guising of saving money… for what?…. for what if not these very things being that’s what their role is, to facilitate public amenity and services…… truth becoming lies becoming hypocrisy becoming normal…… where does one begin when putting pen to paper to aim for some coherence when so little cohesion exists… dying to extract from the abstract before the paint is dry as meaning loses meaning with a deterioration of fluidity, scattershot, something is bound to fall to earth to be bagged and tagged and dragged and flagged as ‘other’, alien, not allowed, immigrant, refugee, not one of ‘us’…… but what to write about, where to begin when putting pen to paper, where to begin when there is no beginning and worryingly no ending… the new normal… maybe I’ll run out of ink befo ________

© 2018 robert greig

a word from our sponsor (14/Jan/18)

dear Mr So-called Leader of the So-called Free World,

Phew! that’s a long title, maybe we can reduce that to a single syllable?… something like Flump perhaps… that’s catchy, ok we’ll go with that…

dear Mr Flump,

Please feel free to take it personally as it probably is… it is a personal sleight from old Blighty-land for which there is a swathe of concurrence against you personally so it’s fair to see it as personal… though not against the US…… oh no, no, no, to think that would be wilfully misunderstanding and ignorantly misinterpreting the situation… we have nothing against US citizens nor even US culture, except maybe for the plethora of adverts you litter your television with making it unwatchable……no, indeed this is personal, we don’t like you, although I use the word ‘we’ loosely…… on the loatheable scale you even out-Nixon Nixon, though I know you thrive upon being reviled which is a peculiar trait to boast and actually encourage but I suppose certain personality disorders predispose one to that end…

To be honest we have enough racist, bigoted, cruel, bully-boy, self-absorbed me-me-me-me-it’s all about me politicians here already and really we don’t really want to be babysitting yet another… and we are quite capable of opening a building without you (i.e. American Embassies)…… not to mention we have our very own puffed-up popinjay Mr Flump look-a-like here already and should you swan over here on your broken wings then the ruse may be busted that you’re in fact one and the same person!……

As for the potential impact on our (here comes another…) so-called “special relationship” I think as it was there before you came fallumping out of the swamp it will be there long after you’ve experienced a toxic meltdown in your own excess of bile… and anyway to call this hands across the ocean relationship ‘special’ is all a bit twilight zone but it makes us feel good about ourselves enabling the illusion and delusional pretence that Britain (or the UK, Great Britain or even Britannia, take your pick, everyone else does) still rules the waves, even if it’s only on a tiny pond filled with shopping trolleys in some suburban back garden somewhere, instead of the far less prosaic lapdogs licking others polluted shores of influence……

see recently you have had a few, arguably, successes?… is that right?… although most seem only for the benefit of big corporations, a world in which you yourself seem to have an abiding interest in more ways than one… also, full marks on recently having clearly taken at least a smidgen of advice from someone with half a brain cell to keep your family (largely) out of the spotlight, or at least on the very edge as they are indeed your Achilles heel, and being your other dodgy tendon is yourself then there’s a danger of not having a leg left to stand on……

… and honestly, enough with the petulant twittering…. I’m sure Twitter are laughing all the way to the bank but really, making policy in 140 characters at a time?… or 270 now…. damn! I shouldn’t have told you, I’ve just given you the excuse to abuse even more exclamation marks…… apparently, so I’ve been told, you’re all grown-up now, wow!… I remember when you were knee-high to a dollar bill, we all had such high hopes… ‘ shame.

with as much regard as I can muster as sincerely as I can be in the circumstances,

ps…… dear Mr Flump, stop turning our rare natural landscapes here into yet another golf course… thank you.

© 2018 robert greig