six degrees separate (7/July/18)

from newspaper
to graffiti
to India
to map
to museum
to camera…..
who’d have thought… a random British newspaper article on India’s rail art revolution to create and decorate train stations, rail bridges and suchlike with murals representing images of nature and culture and whatnot that one particular photo of one particular mural on one particular wall under one particular bridge in one particular city I’d never even heard of, Gurguan, would pique my curiousity and took me to scurrying and scouring Google Maps online through which I managed to precisely locate in India the particular city, particular bridge, particular wall, though not quite the particular mural itself but at decent enough resolution to pinpoint where on earth it was, staring at the exact spot that photo thousands of miles away was discovered… I panned out with mouse-like precision to locate exactly where on the continent it and I now was, near Delhi it seemed…… as is the way with me and maps though once I start perusing I get easily distracted, side-tracked, pixie-led and am soon armchair-travelling north to south, east to west and all points every which way in 3D finding myself drawn to names of places and things some of which are very familiar, such as banks and global coffee chains all uncomfortably warply woven weftly throughout this urbanscape shoulder-to-shoulder with many, many lesser- or not known at all ones amongst which sat a museum as the pop-up label informed, innocuous enough, or not…… a camera museum in fact, a vintage camera and photographic  museum to be more precise where a single click of my now as excited as me mouse opened its new webpage unveiling a whole new discovery of what is reputed to be the only photographic museum, certainly of its kind, in the whole of India…. further delving (and I do like a good delve…) told me it was currently under redevelopment from its original building into a much bigger space and a much broader proposition with education facilities, courses, workshops, interpretation, of course a café to serve the best, I imagine, coffee, all to sit snugly alongside its existing and growing archive of photography and related much of which being historical and artifacts…… who’d have thought…….
…. I wondered… I’d inherited a camera which, as it happens, was made in India and on which several India photos were taken in the 1950’s, not by me of course, a bit before my time… and then I wondered, might they be interested in it, in it being donated to their collection, in a way returning it to its home in India… a curious thought I hadn’t thought I’d be having when I woke up this morning with my only thoughts being, I need tea, I need tea, followed by, I need porridge, I need porridge… … … …

© 2018 robert greig