dear dairy… (14/July/18)

dear diary,

I sometimes misspell you, though not on purpose and hope you can forgive my occasional misdemeanour, and you sometimes come out as dairy which I’m sure you’ll understand can lead to all manner of complications… luckily I’ve not mistaken you, yet at least, for diarrhoea, a word itself a nightmare to spell correctly at the best of times without second guessing oneself, not to mention there being two accepted (though not acceptable) versions, the other dropping the ‘o’ though you’ll be pleased to know I don’t approve of that seeing it as a bit flippant to do so… and I couldn’t  imagine confiding in my diarrhoea in quite the same way as I would a diary, or even a dairy which would not only be weird but also pointless as its sole advice to any confessions would always be the same, not to cry over spilled milk.

… and as for occasional, there’s another slippery one, one ‘c’ two of ‘s’, one ‘s’, two of ‘c’…… anyway, I won’t bother your pulpiness with this one, thanks for listening and also for not making any crass jokes about pasteurising……

yours sincerely,

© 2018 robert greig

a piece of string, 10th June 2013

my first blog on WordPress……

… and   a warm welcome to my daily bloggery assortment of own writings, poetry and images all gathered together in almost one place with the centrepiece, my main site, being the “my life as a piece of string” blog which is written every day.

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2007 on previous sites and by 2010 was writing them daily on Blogger and by 2013 had migrated to WordPress, always with minimal if any editing. Identical posts and writings are posted on both WordPress and Blogger now daily.

I only plan to keep the current years blogs active and available for the reader while all previous years ones are currently planned for a set of annual historical Archives, currently a mammoth work in progress, which will be in physical and digital format so they won’t be lost or deleted. I do this in part to reduce the clutter of my ever-growing mass of older online blogging, and because few, if any, are re-read after a few months anyway being as they are, written for the moment, for the here and now.


you’re welcome anytime to come here again and again and again I’d hope… I’ll keep writing anyway and posting regularly, daily in fact, alongside my poetry site entitled “affirmations of another kind”, a haiku site called “notahaiku”, “through a lens darkly” which is a photography site and “sifting sounds” where you’ll find a link to my SoundCloud page fro, well, sounds and suchlike… additionally there’s my abstract imagery site at “abstractals”. which is my poetry page……. they are all navigable through the links above…… thanks for reading.

© robert greig 2013