if light (20/Feb/18)

people always talk about half-light, well some do anyway, and perhaps not all the time but certainly sometimes, and never quarter-light, or eighth-light, or tenth-light… surely it’s tricky to gauge a moment as being exactly and precisely half-light and half-not-light, which I guess is also half-dark though no one ever says it’s half dark… or quarter, or eighth or tenth… it may be almost, or nearly, or not quite dark but never in measured increments and yet we presume we can get away with it for light… and is half-light heavier or lighter than full-on light?… if it is heavier, then that suggests dark is heavy and imposing it’s burdensome mass upon light… and how light is light anyway even if it does weigh anything at all, and is it possible for something to weigh absolutely nothing and if not then light must weigh something and is it again being presumptuous to say light is light just because it’s called light and seems to float in mid-air… but then again it can be light on the ground too where it isn’t floating so what does that make it, heavy or light, or perhaps buoyant?…… is light, I wonder, floating on air at all or is air suspended on light, held up by light however half- or quarter- or eighth- or tenth-light it is, or even dark… it’s confusing that light can also be dark and when it darkness we often say the light feels heavy, as though the dark is responsible… and dark isn’t a description of weight as light is, so perhaps dark should be renamed too ‘heavy’, but then it again feels presumptuous to presume presumptuously that dark, as light, weighs anything at all…. birds float on light so does that make them lighter than light?… and can anything be lighter than light… or am I confusing light with air and it is that air is light or dark, or light or heavy?….
this morning I woke to a fraction of light, so fractioned I couldn’t think of a fraction small enough to ascribe it, then I turned on a lamp and was bathed, slightly in I suppose half-light although the rest of the room still lurked in its own fractions of light depending on whether it was in that corner or that corner or way over on the far corner, while under the bed it was even darker, nth-light….
I’m not sure I know what I’m talking about here or if I’ve just wasted a ration of perfectly good words that I could’ve used later for something more productive…

© 2018 robert greig