‘from the ku’lery‘ will now be once-a-week, on Mondays. After posting one every day for what feels like ages I feel it’s time for a change, and it’s a bit tricky keeping up with a daily postings for now…. so I hope you’ll keep reading when they appear and continuing thanks to all and everyone for being here, commenting or just leaving a tiny footprint.

As I say I’ll still be posting every Monday with the new Monday’ku and to get  there from here click the pic&link below ….

notahaikunotahaiku (notahaiku.wordpress.com)

They are what I call haiku’esque, haiku’ish, or notahaiku.  I’ll leave it up to the scholars.  Each one is written the on the day and for the day I post them.

….. they’ll be what they’ll be….

be sure to follow me by email if you like or through WordPress (click link in sidebar) to keep up-to-date.

~enjoy your stay~

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