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yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

dancing nuns…. what more can I say… and they sing!…………. I should just leave you with that… ’nuff said! yn yr orsedd ar y bardd mae’n braf standing with the standing stones…. arwyddlun….. symbols of ancient pasts……… except they are fibreglass….. luckily I knew this beforehand being they’d given up erecting actual permanent stone circles… Continue reading yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

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first’steddfod, 10/August/17

caught between sea shanties there was a babell yn y maes lle was I? … eisteddfod was I “dw’in dysgu siarad gymraeg”, as if that wasn’t obvious….. a learner of Welsh “y dysgwr” between baffled and bemused (and y babell!) a stranger in a mush stranger land perhaps …. but, priorites……. within 15 minutes yn… Continue reading first’steddfod, 10/August/17

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Maes Q, 8/August/17

my first ever venture into the national Eisteddfod a mere four miles from me this time as it moves around the country to a different location every year ended in failure…. but not without plenty to write about which I won’t pen here but will do in a much, much, much, much longer blog later… Continue reading Maes Q, 8/August/17

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not so flat, 27th January 2017

over a rise and down into the sprinklings, hundreds and thousands, ethereal lights, sprites or aliens defying all frame of reference…… staring makes them shudder, shifty, nervous at being watched for longer than they think they should be….. contrary to popular myth Anglesey isn’t flat…… not as flat nor even as windy as it’s presumed… Continue reading not so flat, 27th January 2017

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alt-bloggery: bus(ted), 2nd July 2016

a man walks onto a bus… sits… overhears a conversation not in his language… he listens harder and still doesn’t understand a word….. he turns and is faced with three women wearing hijabs….¬† flushed appearance appears on his face… he stands… confronts the three hijab-wearing women speaking in a language he can’t understand…… “how dare… Continue reading alt-bloggery: bus(ted), 2nd July 2016

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salt and slate (gig review), 28th May 2016

take two jars of honey and pour them out flowing into one anothers stream and here you have the sound of Twelfth Day‘s Catriona and Esther whose voices meld together seamlessly in between the harp and fiddle, the latter even morphing into ukelele at one point…. songs and tunes uplift to string the pairs mellifluous… Continue reading salt and slate (gig review), 28th May 2016

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with a, 26th May 2016

I can see it but…. I can’t hear it…. it’s there because I can see it… no sound…. silent rain weaving gauze that’s all warp and no weft… I can see it but I can’t hear it….. does rain make a sound?….. depends on if you’re listening or not… and even if you are then… Continue reading with a, 26th May 2016