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stains of frames, 12/August/17

he could make out the shadow on the wall where something had once hung… a picture?……. a frame of sorts, containing…?…… and inside that our hero found another frame, a faint outline, another stain of a frame…… the one inside rectangular, offset, the stain of a frame framing the framing inside almost square, a hole… Continue reading stains of frames, 12/August/17

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jumping jacks, 9/August/17

the sound of jackdaws trickled from the canopy, you could hardly call it a song…. jackdaws don’t sing although no doubt they think they do in their tone-deaf innocence….. light lost its grip on the shadows collapsing in on itself leaving the dark propped with rookery trees….. almost as if today has surrendered to tomorrow… Continue reading jumping jacks, 9/August/17

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notes from a tiny box, 5/August/17

there’s only me, the last remaining from the ‘party’….. a peculiar feeling when all that’s left is the space so recent filled with words and shape now just move like echoes dying fast……… so often I’m the last of the few but rarely the last of the last… omega man…… surrounded by a come-and-go now… Continue reading notes from a tiny box, 5/August/17

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the been, 31/July/17

has it really been that long?…… wow….. it seems only yesterday or at very least the day before…. how time flies, and all that….. if I was a vole I’d be dead by now, or a mayfly, or even a wren…. through natural causes of course…. the ‘cause‘ being I suppose just stopping……. I sometimes… Continue reading the been, 31/July/17

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tickety bush, 30/July/17

here we go round the tickety bush……. we like to think time is linear and yet are determined to keep it circular, coming up with ever-decreasing ways of trapping it in closed concentric circles……. at least they are concentric, what if they were eccentric…… ah, but some are, months aren’t quite being all different lengths… Continue reading tickety bush, 30/July/17

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between the eras, 19/July/17

through the fennel forest passed the ragged ragwort’s random eyes, tall as you can imagine and taller…… through the prairie lyme grass dune scarred in colonnades… stepping onto softer sand to the beach beyond between the eras, milky-white the air, the sky, into which the sun is wont to burrow to avoid the heat still… Continue reading between the eras, 19/July/17

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balderdash, 8/July/17

I can’t figure out if it’s a positively-charged day or a negatively-charged one…. there’s a red snapdragon growing just outside the patio door, like it has for weeks, like it’s wanting to come in but as they don’t have legs it can’t and hasn’t……… mist completely mystified the landscape when I opened the curtains this… Continue reading balderdash, 8/July/17