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yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

dancing nuns…. what more can I say… and they sing!…………. I should just leave you with that… ’nuff said! yn yr orsedd ar y bardd mae’n braf standing with the standing stones…. arwyddlun….. symbols of ancient pasts……… except they are fibreglass….. luckily I knew this beforehand being they’d given up erecting actual permanent stone circles… Continue reading yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

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poetrists and prosers, 7/August/17

~~danger: overhead geese~~ I’m caught between low flying geese and cows of the mooing kind…… in that they moo all the time, and in the middle of the dead of darkest night the moo from a cow can sound uncannily like trapped souls…… not that actually beyond my imaginings would I be 100% sure what… Continue reading poetrists and prosers, 7/August/17

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~yoga&writing~, 4/August/17

time has come to say what’s not been said and won’t be so an inevitable conclusion is drawn to an another equally inevitable end of another week, of the end of a course, of the end of time spent with new-found friends one may never see again, maybe so, maybe not, the scrivener has yet… Continue reading ~yoga&writing~, 4/August/17

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mammoth! 25/June/17

you may think you’ve already read my daily blog today and yes you probably have but that was my yesterday blog posted today due to foreseen circumstances…. regardless, here’s another scribbling your way as I write it but fear not, t’will be a shortie as in not very long and believe me when I say… Continue reading mammoth! 25/June/17

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tomorrow yesterday, 9/June/17

(… is this the last thing he ever wrote……..?………….) when will I wake up tomorrow what will have changed anything, everything, nothing? when I open my eyes will I feel any different, will I care if I am will I care if I’m not? my footprint is smaller smaller than my feet so no one… Continue reading tomorrow yesterday, 9/June/17

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the size of a box, 5/June/17

I’m building a box a small box made out of cardboard, it’s the best I can afford, it will be big enough for me to sit, to stand up, lie down, curl up, spin ’round (if I chose to do) there won’t be room for anyone else why would there be, I wouldn’t be good… Continue reading the size of a box, 5/June/17

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mist’laid, 25/May/17

I see the sea mist once again roll in from the sea that can’t be seen, with the tide and up the shore to tumble over dunes like acrobatic ravens do, between the stands of marram, lyme and couch, coating rabbits fur weaving intricates of droplets into webs that hang between two thorns of gorse… Continue reading mist’laid, 25/May/17