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hello rain, 14/August/17

hello rain it’s good to see you again been a while, though actually it hasn’t been more than a few days, four perhaps, since we last chatted, or I did anyway while you just rained…….. I’ve been laying here, awake of course, just listening to you and you seem in a much better mood this… Continue reading hello rain, 14/August/17

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jumping jacks, 9/August/17

the sound of jackdaws trickled from the canopy, you could hardly call it a song…. jackdaws don’t sing although no doubt they think they do in their tone-deaf innocence….. light lost its grip on the shadows collapsing in on itself leaving the dark propped with rookery trees….. almost as if today has surrendered to tomorrow… Continue reading jumping jacks, 9/August/17

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the been, 31/July/17

has it really been that long?…… wow….. it seems only yesterday or at very least the day before…. how time flies, and all that….. if I was a vole I’d be dead by now, or a mayfly, or even a wren…. through natural causes of course…. the ‘cause‘ being I suppose just stopping……. I sometimes… Continue reading the been, 31/July/17

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smell of muck, 29/July/17

time passes….. clunk! cut and bale, smell of muck cut and bale, smell of muck cut and bale, smell of muck harvesters harvesting, tractors factor how much they can carry from field to farm to tip and bale as bales as silage bales as plastic-coated silage bales most in black some in pink, even blue… Continue reading smell of muck, 29/July/17

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ants! 20/July/17

ants! not in my pants nor are my pants on fire…….. ants in my skirting!… no, that’s not a euphemism………. it was like a scene from a horror movie akin to “The House that Bled”…….. in my case, ants! not just ants but flying ants too, cheeky monkeys…. although they weren’t monkeys, they were ants,… Continue reading ants! 20/July/17

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not yet christmas, 15/July/17

there was a hedgehog in the garden who hoggedly snuffled and shuffled his way through the geranium clumps…. the only surety I had that he was there at all was a trail quavering leaves as he slug-ploughed his way through its undergrowth as he made his way undeterred by man, beast or geranium………. … on… Continue reading not yet christmas, 15/July/17

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flies, mites and ants, 7/July/17

flies have no idea about glass, no concept of windows… but still I think they’re more clever than people…… in their own way…. on balance the number of stupid things flies do is far, far less than what people do… despite one being bumping into windows, but then again I’ve seen people do that on… Continue reading flies, mites and ants, 7/July/17