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bye’steddfod, 13/August/17

I got two free pens…. and a stick-it notepad from the Eisteddfod……. and a memory of mini-moshers, three and four year olds dancing, or more accurately uncontrollably gamboling and waving their limbs uncontrollably in a front of a stage while bands performed……. I even spoke to no less than the National Poet of Wales…. albeit… Continue reading bye’steddfod, 13/August/17

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yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

dancing nuns…. what more can I say… and they sing!…………. I should just leave you with that… ’nuff said! yn yr orsedd ar y bardd mae’n braf standing with the standing stones…. arwyddlun….. symbols of ancient pasts……… except they are fibreglass….. luckily I knew this beforehand being they’d given up erecting actual permanent stone circles… Continue reading yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

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first’steddfod, 10/August/17

caught between sea shanties there was a babell yn y maes lle was I? … eisteddfod was I “dw’in dysgu siarad gymraeg”, as if that wasn’t obvious….. a learner of Welsh “y dysgwr” between baffled and bemused (and y babell!) a stranger in a mush stranger land perhaps …. but, priorites……. within 15 minutes yn… Continue reading first’steddfod, 10/August/17

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between the eras, 19/July/17

through the fennel forest passed the ragged ragwort’s random eyes, tall as you can imagine and taller…… through the prairie lyme grass dune scarred in colonnades… stepping onto softer sand to the beach beyond between the eras, milky-white the air, the sky, into which the sun is wont to burrow to avoid the heat still… Continue reading between the eras, 19/July/17

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curious forks, 13/July/17

sometimes I think I’m the only person on the planet with decent taste in music…… I despair at the saturation of unintelligent, unimaginative, dum-dum, colour-by-numbers aural pig-swill plaguing the airwaves, shops, car stereos, i-pods and decidedly questionable download ‘charts‘…….. it isn’t true of course, there are at least, oooo, perhaps six other people who probably… Continue reading curious forks, 13/July/17

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in belts we trust, 12/June/17

yesterday I was listening to Status Quo pumping from the radio…. “Caroline“, if you should know, from which a memory flooded back, embarrassingly-so…… I found myself once again in 5th year at school, probably something like Year 11 in today’s money, and in particular the…. (cue dramatic build-up music…. dun-dun-duuuuuuuun!)…… the ‘high school disco’…… oh… Continue reading in belts we trust, 12/June/17

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or, 1/June/17

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends, I’m so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside, there behind a glass stands a real blade of grass, be careful as you pass, move along, move along.…….. …… and what an opener for a new month… indeed, indeed, roll up, roll up! there’s… Continue reading or, 1/June/17