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stains of frames, 12/August/17

he could make out the shadow on the wall where something had once hung… a picture?……. a frame of sorts, containing…?…… and inside that our hero found another frame, a faint outline, another stain of a frame…… the one inside rectangular, offset, the stain of a frame framing the framing inside almost square, a hole… Continue reading stains of frames, 12/August/17

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copper sparrows, 28/April/17

you’re never alone with a house sparrow, their clatter-chatter clamouring constantly for attention… and neither are they always preferring the company of others of their ilk and feather….. they’re even audible through the sturdiest of double-glazing……. I found a penny today, a tarnished one pence copper piece…. and 1990 coin, nothing special or rare about… Continue reading copper sparrows, 28/April/17

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little pig and pink dog, 2nd April 2017

in a box from 1983 I found some books from 1933 neatly padded in newspaper from 1978…. ’tis a veritable time capsule……… the box had originally held bulbs, a simple brown box ink stamped which is how I gleaned a date for it as boxes in themselves rarely usually give up their age so easily……… Continue reading little pig and pink dog, 2nd April 2017

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whitewash worlds, 15th March 2017

I remembered my first ever house… the first ever place that I lived… after I was born of course as even though once upon a time there was a time before I was born that I read about, hear about, merely only one step removed from I clearly wasn’t there at the time…. but I… Continue reading whitewash worlds, 15th March 2017

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the sound of my ears, 8th October 2016

I’m often asked what kind of music I like… or listen too….. or am into….. to which I pause, waiting for my brain to impossibly condense an answer that won’t take a week to explain… because…… I like lots…. and there are lots I don’t like…. but the lots I do like can’t be put… Continue reading the sound of my ears, 8th October 2016

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ha’penny, 2nd October 2016

I found a ha’penny a half pence piece… a half penny coin….. currency of the realm that is no more long, long, long ago out of circulation….. I found one underneath a carpet… an old carpet in an upstairs bedroom where it sat on top of a 1958 newspaper, a Manchester Guardian as it happens….… Continue reading ha’penny, 2nd October 2016

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just count clouds, 1st September 2016

how to begin a new month of daily bloggery…… indeed… should I write something profound or maybe less so?…… or consider the disturbing inexorable rise of the political ‘right‘ and its predictable, historic parallels with economies crashing and times most uncertain…. or of the jackdaws who banter away in the rookery opposite each morning and… Continue reading just count clouds, 1st September 2016