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yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

dancing nuns…. what more can I say… and they sing!…………. I should just leave you with that… ’nuff said! yn yr orsedd ar y bardd mae’n braf standing with the standing stones…. arwyddlun….. symbols of ancient pasts……… except they are fibreglass….. luckily I knew this beforehand being they’d given up erecting actual permanent stone circles… Continue reading yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

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~yoga&writing~, 4/August/17

time has come to say what’s not been said and won’t be so an inevitable conclusion is drawn to an another equally inevitable end of another week, of the end of a course, of the end of time spent with new-found friends one may never see again, maybe so, maybe not, the scrivener has yet… Continue reading ~yoga&writing~, 4/August/17

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balderdash, 8/July/17

I can’t figure out if it’s a positively-charged day or a negatively-charged one…. there’s a red snapdragon growing just outside the patio door, like it has for weeks, like it’s wanting to come in but as they don’t have legs it can’t and hasn’t……… mist completely mystified the landscape when I opened the curtains this… Continue reading balderdash, 8/July/17

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the baked potato incident, 31/May/17

as I lay back on my pillow upon my bed finally at the far end of the day I wondered….. what should I dream (…. perchance to dream) as the last lingering doubts of a last dusk-bird, a goldfinch, are strained from the coda of his dusk-song……… should I dream of peace on earth or… Continue reading the baked potato incident, 31/May/17

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aberthoughts, 21/May/17

back in the land of the familiar, more commonly called ‘home‘……. holidays are a double-edged sword, great to get away but coming back is an aftermath of exhaustion and feeling flat….. ______________________flat as an aspirin_____________________ ____________________flat as roadkill_________________________ _________________flat as two dimensions____________________ …… so what do I bring back from my Aber’break…… the Aber’ where… Continue reading aberthoughts, 21/May/17

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I saw dolphins, 17th May 2017

I saw dolphins! I saw dolphins! need I say more?…. clearly not…… I saw dolphins….. and I wasn’t even looking having forgot Cardigan Bay was a hotspot for them and yes it is……… just offshore breaching the surface, one, two, three, no four…. six!…. at least….. or it was one going round and round and… Continue reading I saw dolphins, 17th May 2017

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particularly particular, 16/May/17

have I become blase of kites?…. so soon?……… no chance!….. although yesterday I only saw one it was in the unlikely place of the supermarket car park in the middle of town!…. where it hovered and swooped looking defiantly out of place……… I’m not usually very good at holidays, I can get bored just ‘being‘… Continue reading particularly particular, 16/May/17