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bye’steddfod, 13/August/17

I got two free pens…. and a stick-it notepad from the Eisteddfod……. and a memory of mini-moshers, three and four year olds dancing, or more accurately uncontrollably gamboling and waving their limbs uncontrollably in a front of a stage while bands performed……. I even spoke to no less than the National Poet of Wales…. albeit… Continue reading bye’steddfod, 13/August/17

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first’steddfod, 10/August/17

caught between sea shanties there was a babell yn y maes lle was I? … eisteddfod was I “dw’in dysgu siarad gymraeg”, as if that wasn’t obvious….. a learner of Welsh “y dysgwr” between baffled and bemused (and y babell!) a stranger in a mush stranger land perhaps …. but, priorites……. within 15 minutes yn… Continue reading first’steddfod, 10/August/17

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bloget #2: qu’steddfod, 8/August/17

pre ps…….. I wrote this yesterday after having failed to get to my first ever Eisteddfod so I hope justifiably feeling a tad despondent…….. good news is things have improved thanks to the¬† indomitable stewards in dayglo and their undiminished patience in the face of absurdity and criticism (and who are doing this voluntarily), the… Continue reading bloget #2: qu’steddfod, 8/August/17

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Maes Q, 8/August/17

my first ever venture into the national Eisteddfod a mere four miles from me this time as it moves around the country to a different location every year ended in failure…. but not without plenty to write about which I won’t pen here but will do in a much, much, much, much longer blog later… Continue reading Maes Q, 8/August/17

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poetrists and prosers, 7/August/17

~~danger: overhead geese~~ I’m caught between low flying geese and cows of the mooing kind…… in that they moo all the time, and in the middle of the dead of darkest night the moo from a cow can sound uncannily like trapped souls…… not that actually beyond my imaginings would I be 100% sure what… Continue reading poetrists and prosers, 7/August/17

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free-fallin’, 22/July/17

all our hero wanted to do was to curl up and stop this lumpen ball of mud from turning and see it fall from the sky….. why doesn’t the earth fall out of the sky?… he wondered…….. maybe we are hanging off the moon, like a pendulum, swinging and spinning in desperate, perpetual, circular motion…….… Continue reading free-fallin’, 22/July/17

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who are me, 7/May/17

round and round and round we go where we stop no one knows…. here we go round the mulberry bush…….. ring a-ring a-rosies and pocketful of posies……. I’m so dizzy my head is spinning and I don’t like being dizzy, I tend to fall over, get knocked down and can’t get up again….. slip sliding… Continue reading who are me, 7/May/17