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first’steddfod, 10/August/17

caught between sea shanties there was a babell yn y maes lle was I? … eisteddfod was I “dw’in dysgu siarad gymraeg”, as if that wasn’t obvious….. a learner of Welsh “y dysgwr” between baffled and bemused (and y babell!) a stranger in a mush stranger land perhaps …. but, priorites……. within 15 minutes yn… Continue reading first’steddfod, 10/August/17

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poetrists and prosers, 7/August/17

~~danger: overhead geese~~ I’m caught between low flying geese and cows of the mooing kind…… in that they moo all the time, and in the middle of the dead of darkest night the moo from a cow can sound uncannily like trapped souls…… not that actually beyond my imaginings would I be 100% sure what… Continue reading poetrists and prosers, 7/August/17

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trick-tock, 29/June/17

yes please… black, yes, always black…. the only way to drink coffee, for me anyway….. milk?… no chance…. of course I understand its place in a plethora of other coffees but for me, always sans milk…. especially as I don’t drink animal milk……… not just any old thrown-together coffee though…. not your instant crap…… if… Continue reading trick-tock, 29/June/17

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house of books #5, 22/April/17

after tripping the night away our hero emerged into the full glare of the unforgiving morning light finding himself outside the room inside the house of books where he was.. and now isn’t…… or is……. he couldn’t be sure whether or not this was still the trip or not…… gnawing away were absurd impressions of… Continue reading house of books #5, 22/April/17

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house of books #4, 7/April/17

between the books….. trapped between the books…. always being back here in the house of books, eventually….. one certain fact about the inevitable is that it’s always inevitable……. once again finding himself here our hero stares out from the sockets of his bloodshot eyes, dons his spectacles as has been his lot for a while… Continue reading house of books #4, 7/April/17

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little pig and pink dog, 2nd April 2017

in a box from 1983 I found some books from 1933 neatly padded in newspaper from 1978…. ’tis a veritable time capsule……… the box had originally held bulbs, a simple brown box ink stamped which is how I gleaned a date for it as boxes in themselves rarely usually give up their age so easily……… Continue reading little pig and pink dog, 2nd April 2017

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house of books #3, 18th January 2017

if only, if only, if only… if only there was some context… context rather than just text…. just text, subtext, subliminal lines between liminal strands of invention tossed, spat out and thrown up as flotsam… trains of thought leaving the station leaving me wondering whether I should’ve bought a ticket… return or one way, it… Continue reading house of books #3, 18th January 2017