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stains of frames, 12/August/17

he could make out the shadow on the wall where something had once hung… a picture?……. a frame of sorts, containing…?…… and inside that our hero found another frame, a faint outline, another stain of a frame…… the one inside rectangular, offset, the stain of a frame framing the framing inside almost square, a hole… Continue reading stains of frames, 12/August/17

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“inventing fire” photoArt collection

welcome to “inventing fire” my latest photoArt collection, subtitles ‘a winter of miscontent’ it represents winters emergence from autumn into dormancy and hibernation, sleep and death, where the sun skims the sky from sunrise to sunset in a few meagre hours then gone. “inventing fire” – photoArt by robert greig   ~ thanks for viewing… Continue reading “inventing fire” photoArt collection

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the sound of my ears, 8th October 2016

I’m often asked what kind of music I like… or listen too….. or am into….. to which I pause, waiting for my brain to impossibly condense an answer that won’t take a week to explain… because…… I like lots…. and there are lots I don’t like…. but the lots I do like can’t be put… Continue reading the sound of my ears, 8th October 2016

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mix-tape, 30th September 2016

remember the mix-tape?… I do, I remember the mix-tape…….. I was there, was there in its heyday… the heyday of the mix-tape in the 1970’s and 80’s……. the mix-tape was an art form when done right…. taking time and thought, an almost innate sense of sound and tune and tone and feel…….. being your own… Continue reading mix-tape, 30th September 2016

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likening lichen, 6th April 2016

I stared at the lichen and the lichen stared silently back at me from its home on the headstone at the head of a grave of who I don’t know as the lichens and time have obscured and worn any words that were carved now uncarved……… I stared at the lichen and saw yet another,… Continue reading likening lichen, 6th April 2016

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faeries in the garden, 11th March 2016

there are faeries in the garden……. attracted to light and dancing in flight…… or if not flight then yo-yoing up and down their thin limbs and veil wings glinting………. lunch enjoyed at the restaurant on the sand dunes, nestled as it is between the slack and marram grass which barely spared a nod in a… Continue reading faeries in the garden, 11th March 2016

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albums aren’t redundant, 11th december 2015

never trust anyone who refers to themselves in the third person…. (US republican candidates take note)……. music albums are not a dying breed, contrary to detractors who seem to have some kind of hidden agenda (notably, the iPod shufflers)…… it’s like saying art exhibitions are dead and buried…… making a whole album work is an… Continue reading albums aren’t redundant, 11th december 2015