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common as the clouds, 18/August/17

the buzzards have been busy soaring overhead sometimes even landing on my roof plonk! calling with a voice much too high-pitched for its size…….. once upon a time when I first moved here all those years ago a buzzard as a common sight was decidedly not, in fact spotting one caused much pointing, staring and… Continue reading common as the clouds, 18/August/17

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bye’steddfod, 13/August/17

I got two free pens…. and a stick-it notepad from the Eisteddfod……. and a memory of mini-moshers, three and four year olds dancing, or more accurately uncontrollably gamboling and waving their limbs uncontrollably in a front of a stage while bands performed……. I even spoke to no less than the National Poet of Wales…. albeit… Continue reading bye’steddfod, 13/August/17

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yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

dancing nuns…. what more can I say… and they sing!…………. I should just leave you with that… ’nuff said! yn yr orsedd ar y bardd mae’n braf standing with the standing stones…. arwyddlun….. symbols of ancient pasts……… except they are fibreglass….. luckily I knew this beforehand being they’d given up erecting actual permanent stone circles… Continue reading yn yr orsedd, 11/August/17

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first’steddfod, 10/August/17

caught between sea shanties there was a babell yn y maes lle was I? … eisteddfod was I “dw’in dysgu siarad gymraeg”, as if that wasn’t obvious….. a learner of Welsh “y dysgwr” between baffled and bemused (and y babell!) a stranger in a mush stranger land perhaps …. but, priorites……. within 15 minutes yn… Continue reading first’steddfod, 10/August/17

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jumping jacks, 9/August/17

the sound of jackdaws trickled from the canopy, you could hardly call it a song…. jackdaws don’t sing although no doubt they think they do in their tone-deaf innocence….. light lost its grip on the shadows collapsing in on itself leaving the dark propped with rookery trees….. almost as if today has surrendered to tomorrow… Continue reading jumping jacks, 9/August/17

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bloget #2: qu’steddfod, 8/August/17

pre ps…….. I wrote this yesterday after having failed to get to my first ever Eisteddfod so I hope justifiably feeling a tad despondent…….. good news is things have improved thanks to the  indomitable stewards in dayglo and their undiminished patience in the face of absurdity and criticism (and who are doing this voluntarily), the… Continue reading bloget #2: qu’steddfod, 8/August/17

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Maes Q, 8/August/17

my first ever venture into the national Eisteddfod a mere four miles from me this time as it moves around the country to a different location every year ended in failure…. but not without plenty to write about which I won’t pen here but will do in a much, much, much, much longer blog later… Continue reading Maes Q, 8/August/17