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stains of frames, 12/August/17

he could make out the shadow on the wall where something had once hung… a picture?……. a frame of sorts, containing…?…… and inside that our hero found another frame, a faint outline, another stain of a frame…… the one inside rectangular, offset, the stain of a frame framing the framing inside almost square, a hole… Continue reading stains of frames, 12/August/17

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heroesque, 27/July/17

he scared himself……… having just realised how many clever and intelligent people he’d surrounded himself with our hero realised it would only be a matter of time before he was outed as not one among them…. thin on clever, sparse on intelligent…….. he scared himself twice……. our hero glanced at the mirror…. surely that isn’t… Continue reading heroesque, 27/July/17

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unless it’s a hare, 2/June/17

big deal it’s June, get over it……… one would think on first glance, including me, that I only have two changes of clothes……….. it may be so, and that all I do is chop and change between them as and when something needs washing……. I do have other clothes, a few anyway, admittedly mostly in… Continue reading unless it’s a hare, 2/June/17

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ho humdrum, 11/April/17

do you not find it strange how we are all born in different places at different times and that this place me, you and everyone else reading and not reading this have been born when they were, where they were and who they were……….. like the emergence of life itself and the plethora of possibilities… Continue reading ho humdrum, 11/April/17

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house of books #4, 7/April/17

between the books….. trapped between the books…. always being back here in the house of books, eventually….. one certain fact about the inevitable is that it’s always inevitable……. once again finding himself here our hero stares out from the sockets of his bloodshot eyes, dons his spectacles as has been his lot for a while… Continue reading house of books #4, 7/April/17

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analogy ghosts, 12th March 2017

Sundays are often for many seen as a bit of a throw-away day… that piece of confetti still stuck to your shoes… leftovers…. that party hanger-on the morning after who accepts a free breakfast regarding it as an automatic invitation to also stay for lunch, whose name you don’t know, not a clue of who… Continue reading analogy ghosts, 12th March 2017

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burying holes (take #2), 16th February 2017

I tried to write some words then some more words and some more and every time I tried to write they grew as heavy as the soil from the holes of which the words seemed to be about, about holes and more holes, lots of holes everywhere and then some of those holes were filled… Continue reading burying holes (take #2), 16th February 2017