porridge and poets (3/2/23)


yep, the day broke again, you’d think days would be less fragile but nope, every morning there it is, breaking, broken, faulty before it even gets to have its porridge… I will not hear a bad word said against porridge… unless it’s badly made porridge, oddly enough few people know how to make good porridge, most who try seem to cock it up, perhaps they’re letting the broken morning get to them… I have amazing taste in music, eclectic one might say, and I do say, if I do say so myself, it’s all about resonance you know… I haven’t been out for days, longer actually but I won’t say how long as then you’ll think I’m in some way somewhat odd… I don’t read much poetry, which may seem odd for someone who writes it, or at least writes something I, because I have no other word for it, call poetry, but maybe it isn’t, I don’t expect you to read any of mine by the way, I came across a book of poems recently on one of my many bookshelves, I realised I hadn’t read all the poems in it, but then it is a thick volume, the dust cover’s blue on blue, it’s written by a poet, which I’m sure you’ve already guessed, being that it’s a book of poems, it’s a book that is best read by dipping into and not cover to cover, not too much too soon kind of method… I like dust covers, the ones found on hardback books usually, LPs are their musical equivalent, I like them too, it’s never just about the contents, it’s about how those contents are held, wrapped, and as an added bonus if you peek under the dustcover the hard cover itself usually holds something embossed or engraved upon it, cunningly so in some cases… you see, you don’t just read with your eyes, you also read with hand, touch is the key to any good book……


you have to make sure you always put your clothes on in the right order, otherwise you end up in a proper mess…….

© 2023 robert greig


      1. An amateur poet? Like many amateurs you can do everything the professional can, you just don’t get paid?

        I forgot how to spell amateur and in my guessing, Google insisted I was trying to spell armature, so perhaps you’re one of those?

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