there be ilk (2/2/23)


just realised I haven’t looked in a mirror for days now, how many days I’m not sure, and if I did it hasn’t registered that I have, it’s getting hard to remember what I look like, not that I care that much, I never really have much, just relied on blind faith, and even if I did look in the mirror, say right now, there won’t be much I can do about what I see as what I’ll see will be me and whatever I do I’ll not be able to change that… this isn’t a cry for help, just a fact, the shape I am, the age I am, the way I fit together, mostly, just me and I’m not sure I need a mirror to rub it in, anyway, today’s a shade of blue day, not sure I can describe the particular shade, suffice to say it’s of the blue ilk, and while we’re on it, when I was much smaller than I am now although still me, I’m afraid, I wondered what a baby elk would be called and thought, an ilk!… unless of course an ilk is an entirely different beast… maybe I look like someone else now, there’s a thought, I wonder though if it’s worth taking the chance and having a peek… maybe tomorrow……


it’s tricky how day breaks before it even gets going, no wonder so many things go wrong when we’re starting with something that’s already broken……

© 2023 robert greig



      1. As you were talking about being blue, I probably should have advertised myself better and pointed you in the direction of a really long rant I sent to the CEO of Shell energy… (I don’t know how to be subtle clearly) But i was too excited to share my baby animal fact.

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