the sign sign (31/1/23)


I saw a sign, no, not one of those signs, not the one with blinding flashes and me-me-me epiphanies, just a sign sign, I could’ve called it a poster which is what it was but a sign seemed, at least to my thinking, perhaps more likely to pique your interest and encourage you to continue reading this nonsense, it was displayed in the window of a shop, so most definitely not auspicious, it read, “Winter Clearance Ending Soon”… woah!… a big ask, I thought, they’re clearing out winter and while it’s still winter, the whole of winter?… how were they planning on doing it, with big brushes, a feather duster, industrial strength vacuum cleaner, those big plastic hands you can get for gardening?… which incidentally are invariably green I suppose that’s to show you they’re for gardening, green being the catch-all colour of gardens… I’ve never understood why so many garden tools are so often green in colour or partially so, to my thinking it just makes them easier to misplace while gardening in a dominated by green, I prefer my tools to be or at least have in part, day-glo, then there’s no chance of losing them amidst the bushes and briars… anyway, to get back to the sign and to what seemed to me to be a HUGE task they’ve set themselves, clearing winter, good luck to them, I say… personally, I’ve discovered that if you leave winter well alone to its own devices it will likely clear itself away when it’s good and ready……


I found a handful of night I’d saved in my pocket some time ago, for what?… for a rainy day?…

© 2023 robert greig



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