blow their socks off (24/11/22)


time again, as it is, for a word of the day, something to wrap your lips around, and today’s word will mostly be… snollygoster… yet another mouthful of tonguletangle, and is a shrewd or unprincipled person of which there seems to be no shortage in the world right now……


I’m going to start watching Christmas movies again, it’s that time of the year, well, it isn’t being it’s still only November but, just like the supermarkets with their aisles full of seasonal debris and muzak fresh from Santa’s sack of  festive earworms way before December has had a chance to get its feet under the over-burdened table of yuletide snacks, I thought to my little ole self, why not, no time like the present (ah presents, remember them, been a while since I got one of those), or so they say, although I’m never very convinced by that as a polemic, and an even more effective form of visual escapism than even the superhero movies, which I also watch, by the way, I have no shame, Christmas movies blow their socks off when it comes to the utterly fantastical and absurd, and most definitely formulaic, knowing invariably it all turns out right in the end, that good old ‘happy ever after’, or close enough, when after an hour and half or two or trials and tribulations the stars cheesily trip their way through dodgy dialogue, predictable scenarios and hilariously clunky characterisations, it’s all very format but, as the world is going, or gone to shit anyway then what have I got to lose, being I have pretty much nothing left except perhaps for these spectacularly ridiculous Christmas movies… call them comfort food, comfort blankets, I care not about my street cred (what?… you actually once had street-cred?…. I think not)… so if you want me, which I doubt, I’ll be the one in a Santa oodie covered in chocolate chip crumbs, wide-eyed and glued to television’s finest bauble-strewn, tinsel-topped audio-visual feast and not giving a flip……

© 2022 robert greig


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