something will come (6/11/22)

something will come
a word here
a word there
should count for something,
the pen remembers
the last thing you wrote
and the thing before that
and the thing before that,
and what was that?
something will come,
the muse
the flash of blinding light
call it what you like
name it what you choose
wear it in your shoes,
the nature of nurture
or is it, is it
the nurture of nature?
maybe it’s merely
a luck of the draw
if inside the drawer
is where you might keep it
for later, for luck,
for a rainy day,
stuck or unstuck,
which is the worse
for this semblance of a verse?
it’s not easy to say
not as simple as that,
or perhaps, it is……

© 2022 robert greig


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