sing a song of (1/11/22)


slipping on shadows that sleekly and slickly slide slavishly across the skin……


there are shedloads of songs in the popular music canon about Christmas, with Christmas in the title, in the lyrics, about Christmas itself, specifically and unequivocally for Christmas, but, I just realised, hardly any about or specifically for Halloween… yes, there are songs which might and could be applied to this time of year, be them spooky or chilling or dark, or mysterious, about death, near death, ghost and ghouls and demons, shifty shadows and all things hellish and the like but none, or if there are incredibly hard to find, in this genre specifically about or even mentioning Halloween in any way… and yes there are some traditional hymns and masses, liturgies and choral pieces for this time of year, all saints day, Hallowmas and such, going way back through the centuries but as for popular music, it’s essentially ignored it as a theme for writers, whereas so many as happy to cash in for Christmas… and even if you’re now trawling the internet in search of one absolutely specifically written for and do manage to dig one up, I doubt there’d be many… if I was to stretch the point some might say Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was, but it isn’t, not specifically, it can be applied being that the video in particular is full of the walking dead, zombies and what has become approximations to many Halloween costumes, but no, it isn’t, there’s not even a single pumpkin in it…. in fact, where are all the songs about pumpkins!…… of course, you might prove me wrong……

© 2022 robert greig



  1. “Have yourself
    a merry little pumpkin…”
    Yep, that would work…
    “Simply, having, a wonderful pumpkin time”
    There ya go, you can just simply reuse existing songs (no doubt being dusted off to fill the airwaves on a continuous loop in a weeks time…) and replace Christmas with pumpkin.
    “So here it is, merry pumpkin, everybody’s having fun
    Look to the future now, the carvings just begun…”
    Just rattling bones instead of sleigh bells…

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  2. I agree totally Michael Jackson’s Thriller is not a Halloween 🎃 song. My grandkids are learning one at school.
    I will sing it for you next year if I am still alive or even if I am dead 💀.. a spooky pumpkin 🎃 song 🎶👻

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