mercurially-minded (5/10/22)


a snow-filled sky without any snow……


poor Mercury, it has no moons… {sad face}… it has no rings either… seems it’s never been engaged or married… but it is the fastest planet in the solar system travelling at, wait for it, 29 miles… per second!… or 47km per second for the metrically-minded… and the sun would look three times bigger and be seven times brighter when standing on it than it does from the earth… phew, hot, and yes, it is, as expected, but, just as it is moonless and ringless it is also, despite being the closest to the sun, not the hottest planet, which I imagine annoys it intensely, an accolade which belongs to Venus, which I’ll come to later, or tomorrow, unless it’s neither later nor tomorrow to you by the time you read this then good luck finding it…… and by the way, just in case you’re thinking of nipping over there to see for yourself a massive in your face sun, then don’t, you can’t breathe there and thus, as you’d imagine, wouldn’t last long and it would literally be the last thing you see… oh wowwwwww, the sun is so hu……. {oops, dead}… it does though have the shortest year of any of the planets, only 88 days, which, you know what that’d mean, don’t you?… more frequents birthdays, as in one every 88 days instead of on every 365… presents!… that’s if you do birthdays, of course, which you might not, not everyone bothers, like me, I don’t do birthdays any more, what’s the point… funny how that’s become common usage now, i.e. “I do birthdays”, or, “I don’t do birthdays”, with “birthdays” being replaced by whatever you’re trying to make a point that you ‘do’ or don’t ‘do’… oh, and by the way, it’s a very, very lazy planet, a day here on Earth lasts 24 hours, 1 day, obviously, whereas there it’s, wait for it… 176 Earth days long… 176!… sunrise and sunsets seem to be a pretty lethargic affair, more like a token gesture than a full-on commitment… still, you know those times when you wish there were more hours in the day to get done all those things you need to get done?… well, Mercury has it for you… curiously, Mercury is named after the Roman god of merchandise, fairly dull, but then also theft and being a trickster hmm, slightly more intriguing, and then also of eloquence, making him the messenger… from merchant through trickster to fleet-footed messenger, clearly a somewhat confused god… perhaps the kind of guy who stands on street corners hawking stolen items from suitcase and always ready to hot-foot it at the sign of a copper… but that’s enough about Mercury… except, 414 craters on Mercury have names, names we gave them, by the way, they didn’t come ready-packed with names, and they’re all named after people in the arts, there’s even one called ‘Disney’, named after, your guessed it, Walt Disney, but one of my favourites has to be ‘Horace’, not that it’s significant being names after the Roman Poet of that name, more the thought of ‘Horace the crater’, sounds so friendly………

© 2022 robert greig


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