eclipse my binary (4/10/22)


this has to be my favourite job title I’ve seen recently… cloud engineer… I want to be a cloud engineer!……


of all the rocks in all the solar system in all the galaxy in all the universe you had to crash into mine… I bet that’s what the asteroids, or moonlet, Dimorphos is thinking while nursing an almighty headache after the DART satellite was crashed into it… why me?… of all the billions of rocks spinning around at speeds unimaginable up there in the neverend of farbeyond… it should have known something was afoot when it heard it was to be called Dimorphos, meaning ‘two forms’, the justification being that its form will have altered as a direct result of human intervention, being different from what it was prior to this event, basically crashing a satellite at a crazy speed into it to see if it’ll deflect it and thus prove should there ever any asteroid dare threaten earth then the technology would be there to deflect it… like the movies!… Dimorphos wasn’t consulted, of course, nor Didymos, its so-called ‘parent’ asteroid, around which Dimorphos orbits, both of which are called, rather stylishly, a “eclipsing binary”… most cool… although the name comes from the Greek for ‘twin, or double’… well, it’s done now, did it work or has it done sod all?… we still have to wait and see the for the results to journey back through the fickleness of vast Space distances, that is, if it does… imagine, like a little string, or glob, of invisible data traversing the solar system hoping it’s read the directions back to earth correctly, just as long as it’s not relying on car-style GPS technology it should make it… slamming a satellite the size of a box roughly four and a half feet square extending only to 63 feet if you include the solar panels moving at a speed of 14,000 miles an hour, or around 4 miles a second if your being picky, into a lump of space rock 565 feet in diameter and itself moving at a speed of, well, f***ing fast, at a distance of a not-so mere seven million miles from earth then the outcome’s going to be, well, all a bit up in the air… or, being in space, up in the airless…… now I have a headache……

© 2022 robert greig



  1. If this is anything like the old Asteroids video game of my youth, there are now two or more smaller asteroids spinning around chaotically, wrecking the delicate but somehow previously working choreography that existed before we gently nudged something…

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