moons and bees (20/8/22)


I’ve seen many different bees, but I’ve never seen a must bee or a will bee, or even a to bee…


do you have a favourite moon, perhaps our own Moon, as in the one you see every day, the one with a capital ‘M’, the moon we simply have ended up calling ‘Moon’, which could be seen as either lacking imagination or a spark of inspiration… I like our Moon too, but I might add that my secret favourite is probably Ersa, one of Jupiter’s moons, a tiny moon with a diameter of merely 2 miles’ish, 3km, and even though only discovered in 2017, it’s obviously been around an awfully lot longer… not much is known about it beyond its own orbital period taking 252 days around Jupiter, our Moon’s orbit of course taking 27 days around us, so it’s quite a long way out there, as in 7,135,000 miles, that’s 11,483,000km!… that’s a long way… there isn’t even a proper photo of Ersa, it being as mysterious as Ersa herself who is the daughter of Zeus and Selene, the Moon goddess, and sister to Pandia, and possibly Nemea, though Nemea is said to be a lion, but that’s mythology for you, all smoke and mirrors, anyway, all that aside, Ersa is the goddess of dew, I mean, how brilliant is that, a goddess of dew, so late at night when I feel tiny particles of dew settling on me, or first thing in the morning when the grass is covered in fine jewellery webs themselves elucidated by droplets of dew, I think, Ersa’s been here……

© 2022 robert greig


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