deleted days (4/7/22)


I woke up early
but didn’t get the worm,
because I’m not a bird…


it’s a shame for July, being where it is in the year, coming as it does after June, a month with its pinnacle being the Solstice, in fact the pinnacle of the year, the longest day, the shortest night, exactly half way through, the tipping point being marked with celebration for millennia, the month upon which all of the other turn and churn their weeks into days… and then comes July, a bit of an orphan, neither here nor there, decidedly low-key when summer invariably here plateaus and seems unsure which way to go, shifting neither one way or the other, nothing much seems to happen, like being in between courses, too late for the party, too soon for the ball, a month-in-waiting, forever waiting, rarely engaging, missing a gear, or simply preparing for August, muddling through, a month, if you blink you’d miss… move along now, nothing to see……

© 2022 robert greig

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