binbags of my mind (28/6/22)


yet another eye-popping offer on the local free community website…. “OFFER: Bible board game- played once.”… come to your own conclusions……


one thing you certainly notice from social media is just how much crap flows through people’s brains that, if it wasn’t for these places providing a dumping ground for it would most likely simply pass through and be discarded or forgotten, because, basically, most of it is discardable or forgettable, instead social media becomes not just a convenient waste disposal, but one into which all and sundry get to peer and gawk and goggle, and heaven forbid, even find reason to comment in some cases on what is effectively the binbags of your mind…… I may just as easily be contributing to it of course, though I do try and keep my contributions to this noise to a minimum, which isn’t that difficult, the confetti that once thrown will spend the rest of its digital days languishing as data-slag threatening to collapse under its own weight… we seem more discerning about what we throw away as actual physical rubbish and sort as recycling than we do with what trickles randomly from our brains being baffled and bemused by what I see appearing more than often wondering, why, why did they even bother… each to their own though… so, should I share my lunch online?… no thank you, I think I’ll just eat it…, and, have I got an affirmation for you!… no thank you, spare me from yet more superficial, and sometimes supercilious, faux cure-alls to a bad day……

© 2022 robert greig


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