jubilant elephant (4/6/22)


I dusted a shelf today,
and some elephants…
don’t ask……


I do find all the Queens’ Jubilee stuff (and her horses and men) a bit surreal, perhaps even she does, who knows, all this pomp and ceremony, all tends to look a bit clumsy, forced, stilted, in the same way we see with the official opening of parliament ceremonies, weird costumes and ever weirder etiquette… one of the strangest moments of this weekend is when the currently acceptable/ respectable member of the royal family came out onto the balcony and stood there, just stood there, a wave, a smile, somewhat forced, wincing in the glare of the sun, just stood there looking down upon the sea of selfies and flags and, of course, bunting, doing essentially nothing, just standing, wearing the most inappropriate clothing for the summer weather, but I suppose we all like to put on our party frocks on every now and then… although I’ve never wore a party frock, but I tell a lie, I have, way back in a time when I was in pantomime, yes, me, I know it is hard to believe but I did spend many years in pantomime, an art form many sneer at but is actually quite a skill and not as easy as it might look… that’s the jubilee, a pantomime, albeit one a little under-rehearsed… I’m also keenly aware that one can’t say a bad thing about the royals at times such as these, such things bordering on blasphemy, if not treason, so I’ll stick with anachronistic, but that’s tradition for you, a somewhat badly-stitched patchwork of leftovers from rose-tinted times… and, just like the 2012 Olympics, all fervour and happy-clappyness of the time will likely as not melt away having no lasting effect, or as the buzzword goes, legacy, by next week when we all tumble back into our bad old ways… oh dear, I am sounding all Mr Grumpypants aren’t I, well, it’s not all bad, I mean, it’s good to note that actually all you need is, no, not love, but bunting, all you need is bunting…… still, at least I didn’t mention how the inequities in our society are dragged kicking and screaming and glaringly into the spotlight and yet few seem overly fussed… I’ve clearly failed in making my blog a Jubilee-free zone, the pen got the better of me, but I will attempt to ensure such momentary lapses of reason do not occur again, don’t hold me to that though………………..

© 2022 robert greig

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  1. Top shelf material, though seems off the shelf, elephant-in-the-room material. One must go to Japan and be of the upper-crust to be allowed to do a British Kabuki pantomime for an audience of mimes who don’t clap. It all comes with a Greek chorus with Homeric togas from Togo, and a ritual display of cricket bats that are sticky wickets of contention for invited gorillas who beat their chests for an audition for the next Jurassic Park movie. A flag is up on the play. The play’s the thing, or is it a dusty elephant?

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