here and there (30/5/22)


a woodlice has fourteen legs… imagine that, imagine what you could do with fourteen legs, weirder still is it’s born with twelve, yes twelve, then during one of its numerous sloughs suddenly there’s  two more, imagine that, looking down and thinking, where the flip did they come from!…. now I’ll need yet another pair of boots……


scroll tap swipe click
tap swipe click scroll
swipe click scroll tap
click scroll tap swipe

what’s this all about?… look closer…. closer… clever or what?… what I call an obsessagram… take away the spaces and it gets even weirder……


ever feel like you no longer know which way up you are without checking the orientation of your screen, just to be sure… you came from there and you’re going there and when you get there you’ll be there, or here, even though you’re already here…………

© 2022 robert greig


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