bunting for buttons (20/5/22)


aren’t buttons brilliant… when was the last time you really considered buttons?… fastening buttons that is, where would we be without them?… so, I’m making today button appreciation day… let’s break out the buntings for buttons……


watching the world through a screen-eyed lens I can pretend I have friends all over the world, in every direction, of every persuasion, of every colour and creed and race, in every country, island and continent, convincing myself I’m connected by magic, or wifi, satellite, cables running under the sea, signals that criss-cross that no one can see, a network, a web, a tangle of aerial roots, epiphytes all defying the tangible in scrambles of pixels replaying our daily rituals of chasing the mouse, click, and tap, swipe and ‘snap’chat, living in futures the past had imagined but never imagined would happen but here we are all in and not in one place, look out for vertigo, agoraphobia or even claustrophobia, we’re as far as we are close, as distant as near, as lost as we may think we’re found, as in as we are out of control, it’s purified chaos brewing its own mayhemical reaction and you’re just another ingredient, one for the pot, stir and let sit, stir and let sit, a pinch of this and a sprinkle of that until you don’t see the join, where the screen-eyed lens ends and you begin to be or not to be, depends on how many likes, ‘click!’ you’re it!, broken down into bits and bytes, stalagtites and stalacmites cling on for digital life, is anyone out there, knock-knock, who’s there, is anyone in there, hey, hey, you, you get off of my cloud, scroll, scroll, scroll you boat gently down the stream, life is but a screen………

© 2022 robert greig

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