beyond muddle (19/5/22)


as an antidote to the b-side I choose my word of the day today to be……… callipygian… which aside from being tricky to pronounce, means to have shapely buttocks… indeed!


if the pandemic should have taught anyone anything it would be how interconnected we all are, how dependent and reliant we are on each other and the systems within which enable us to live, to exist, and how inextricably bound everything is… it’s something more readily understood on an academic level and more easily so with no consequences, but on a practical level it goes beyond this, it requires believing it, knowing it to be fact, that without this web of day-to-day networks that have come to define us, who we are, what we do, the role we play, how we fit, where we fit, we are flailing… like it or not we’re interlocked, if anyone didn’t know that before Covid then they should by now, but, as I watch the world around return to this rose-tinted state called ‘normal’ I worry that not a lot has been learned and sure enough, short-memory syndrome worms its way back into people’s unconscious feeding on a willingness for the familiar, even if it was rubbish in the first place, regarding it as better than the not knowing, the kind experienced during lockdown after lockdown… what we saw was that whatever ones underlying nature is, however you may try to conceal during ‘normal’ times, it what will come to the fore, the best of us get better, the kind become kinder, while the bitter grow more bitter and the worse becoming much, much worse… such extreme events don’t make us better people, don’t bind us, don’t level us up or down as a group, instead they splinter and divide us into ever smaller groups driven by that over-riding instinct of self-preservation, and what remains will be at the whim of abuse, exploitation and manipulation… we are seeing it again, with the fuel crisis and the food crisis and the cost of living crisis, how easily our fragile balancing act proves to be just that, an act… there is no balance, there is no normal, just a tug of war between oppositions and the pandemic with its continuing consequences, because it hasn’t gone away, has highlighted that like never before in recent generations, but what I see around me is the same old same old, as though nothing’s changed, so desperate we are to return to pre-pandemic times, well, congratulations, good to be back?… once more falling apart at the seams, coming apart at every nail?…… dear oh dear, how doom-laden this all sounds, well, maybe not, some might even call it ‘happiness’, a relief, conveniently redefining chaos, what we muddle through in the vain hope there is actually somewhere beyond the muddle… but I’ve gone on long enough, don’t mind me, I’m just having one of my turns, that’s if you’re even still here and if you are then, oops, I think I’ve just wasted some valuable minutes of your day…….

© 2022 robert greig

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