qurious (15/5/22)


I’m drinking tea
hurrah for me!
a not a haiku moment…


did you know… that there’s only three countries in the world which use the solar calendar, or Hijri, Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan… you probably did, didn’t you, and of course if you live in there then obviously you do, so, probably not that interesting after all to you……. I’ll get my coat……. ah, but did you know, cows can walk upstairs but can’t walk down them, so don’t let one up because you’ll never get it down again, and that there and no states in the USA containing the letter ‘Q’, mind you, neither are there any in the entire UK, and that there are only four countries in the world containing ‘Q’, Qatar, Iraq, Mozambique and Equatorial Guinea, though one might include Martinique, although technically it’s an overseas French territory… and… and, back here in the UK the letter ‘Q’ is only found on those car registration plates where aspects of its history are uncertain or unknown such as kit cars or self-imported cars, some have mused that is stands for ‘query’ and ‘questionable’, when it’s just that this letter isn’t used in standard vehicle indexing… anyway, that’s enough nonsense for the day…… how qurious is the underused letter of q…..

© 2022 robert greig


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