click-mouse (13/5/22)


is the sound of the click of a mouse in danger of going the same way as the gurgling whirr of the modem with the now predominance of swiping and tapping… will the mouse be made redundant, have to leave home, find a new purpose, retrain as, say, a paperweight…?… I’m kept awake by such worries… I like my mouse, I would miss my mouse, it’s even got a name… ‘mouse’……


paraskevidekatriaphobia… wow, that’s a mouthful, especially when your mouth is already filled with chocolate chip cookies, which mine is right now… has to be my word of the day, doesn’t it, fear of Friday 13th, how could it not be… worry not though ye ‘phobes, the next won’t be until January 13th 2023, and October 13th 2023, then there’ll be two in 2024, one in 2025 and three, three, in 2026, I mean, that’s just madness, though I must say, it feels like it’s been Friday 13th for the past two years… at least!….

© 2022 robert greig


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