frollicles (9/5/22)


this morning I wore my clothes backwards, just for a laugh… believe me, sometimes my days are just packed with a never-ending pageant of frolics……


Vatican City is the smallest country in area in the world, you probably knew that, but did you know the second smallest is Monaco… oh, you did… well then, you may not be aware that the third smallest is… Nauru, floating about as it is in the Pacific, nor I wonder if you knew that it used to be called ‘Pleasant Island’, bizarre, it’s not had an easy history though, having been exploited to the hilt, bombed, occupied, sold and re-sold, treated more like a commodity than someone’s home… the Pitcairn Islands are actually smaller but are a UK overseas territory, still a country but not independent… so, there you have it, anything else?… oh, you want to know the biggest?… Russia, obviously, ridiculously vast, then Canada, bigger than a hop, skip and a jump… I could go on but I see your eyelids drooping already……

© 2022 robert greig

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