just in slime (30/4/22)


I was closely watching a snail yesterday and said to it, do you know that you have more teeth than any other animal, you, yes you, and look at the size of you, and do you know how many, I said, snail didn’t answer so I carried on, around 20,000!… 20,000!… then I asked if it would be so kind as to not eat me… it slimed on by seemingly content to adhere to my request which is why I am still here now sharing this meeting of minds……


the entire whole of Wales has a population of about 3,250,000 in an area of around 20,780 square kilometres, this is at a density of roughly 148 people per square kilometre… now, compare that with London, smothering an area 1,572 square kilometres has a population of approximately 9,541,000, which makes for a density of 5,590 people per square kilometre, which is nearly 3 times the population of Wales and almost 38 times as dense in an area about 13.5 times smaller… though I suppose not that interesting to anyone who doesn’t live here, either in Wales or London, I get these little curiosities now and then in idle moments, hmm, I wonder how the population of Wales compares with London, I could’ve chosen anywhere for such a comparison but as I’ve lived in both places at different times and still do so in Wales, I thought I’d check, and for me these stats are just mind-blowing, and as such I know where I’d prefer to live and I’m staying right here…… I’m rubbish at maths, by the way, my arithmetical skills being less than basic at the best of times, one of my regrets that I’m not good at numbers, I wish I was as despite this I am nevertheless fascinated with them and wish I could do more just off the top of my head as and whenever, but, my dolt brain has never been very cooperative in such things……

© 2022 robert greig


    1. half a person per km! If two meet they can make a whole one 😁. We have slugs too, plenty, and yes, they too are weirdly fascinating, and some are strictly predatory too eating a diet of… snails.

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