cookie monsters (11/4/22)


every other website I visit now is boasting, “We use cookies”…. perhaps I need one for mine saying “I eat cookies”


the letter ‘a’ does not appear in our written numbers all the way up to 999, as long, of course, you exclude the ‘and’ used from 100 onwards, otherwise ‘a’ doesn’t appear in any up to 99… there is a regular pattern in the way numbers are written from 1 to 100 but you can’t hear it until the number 20, although an audible pattern emerging from 13 to 19, despite them being, in a sense, the wrong way round to way they’re spoken, the tens before the units- three-one, three-teen (for 10)- or they are spoken the wrong way round, whereas from 20 to 99 they are written in the same order as their numerals… I’m sure you’ll find this all very useful in your daily lives…

© 2022 robert greig


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