the occasional rabbit (10/4/22)


here is a poem
I wrote on my own,
though it doesn’t have a third line as yet….


it’s tourist season again, the grockles are back in full force claiming their piece of flesh and no doubt lashings of chocolate Easter treats… meanwhile, the rabbits on the dunes look on, bemused, and wondering how on earth anyone could think rabbits lay eggs, but then again, this is coming from a species that believes in a fat man in a red suit who flies around the world one day in the year depositing presents down their chimneys, which rabbits imagine is why people have these strange protrusions protruding from the tops of their human burrows, which rabbits have since learned, is apparently called a ‘house’, and sometimes a ‘home’… sometimes it has crossed the mind of the occasional rabbit, perhaps they might one day pop one out of the top of their hole in the ground, but then again, rabbit don’t believe in Santa, so why bother… for a long time rabbits wondered whether this was how people got in and out of their dwellings, through their chimneys, as its not unlike the entrance to their own homes in a way, although a rabbit’s never has smoke billowing out, and that’s another thing rabbits think odd; smoke, what’s that all about… eventually, rabbits discovered people have other ways of getting in and out, it’s called a ‘door’, though on occasion they’ve seen one using another orifice, one they have named the ‘window’; now try saying that with buck teeth and a mouthful of carrot… they seem to also take tediously ages to build these things and often in the daftest of places while they, the rabbits, can make a perfectly serviceable burrow in a single night with maybe an extra day or two to fine tune the innards which come ready-decorated with roots and wiggly worms… something that does hugely frustrate the rabbit though is the uninvited visits from moles who inadvertently, or maybe advertently, bumble into their burrows through their neatly-hewn walls, usually unwelcome and making a hell of a mess, a bit like grockles frequently do in the human world, but moles will be moles as moles tend to be, with the term holey-moley having come about from the mole’s habit of making holes… or maybe I’ve just indulged a spot of poetic license….;.;…;.;……

© 2022 robert greig


  1. I love this. All of it. Especially the inner thoughts of rabbits…. Of which I have many wild rabbits living around my own house (which does have a chimney, or stove pipe, but which I do not use nor do I go in and out my home using) as well as the “tame” rabbits of which live on my front porch because eight rabbits (I have found) living in my home are just too many.

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