time will out (31/3/22)


a peppering of snow to show that winter has not given up its ghost just yet, it still has some surprises up its clouds, while some will mourn the warmth we had the weeks before, an early fall of spring perhaps, for others, when the sun comes out all will be forgiven but also pleased there wasn’t enough snow to be driven, this is how the day begins and who will see it to the end, who knows, time will tell, no doubt, time will out……


could it be, oh yes it be, yes it be another cusp, another month to tear from the calendar to save for the next year I can reuse it, which actually won’t be until 2033, so I have to keep this calendar safe until then, and then in eleven year’s time remember where the hell I’d put it, or even that I did it… if only years would have the courtesy of beginning on the same day every time we could reuse the same one over and over, but then where would that leave the calendar business, without calendar the entire fabric of time would collapse, how else are we supposed to remember when we are……

© 2022 robert greig


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