who nose (19/3/22)


did you know…. your nose never stops growing, so, either we just can’t help telling lies, which of course we all do, every day you’ll have told at least one lie, if only to yourself, or, because the nose is cartilage, along with ears incidentally, and cartilage never stops growing, it just dramatically slows down after your mid-teens, also, gravity, yes, gravity, alongside ageing, which makes your nose grow brittle and droop, basically, collapse, and even spread… ho hum, you can’t even trust your nose anymore… thus, the nose of your youth will not be the nose you grow old with…


I’m not coming out, I’m staying here underneath the duvet, after all, what’s there to come out for, the heartbreak, the misery, the callousness, the cruelty, but aren’t they supposed to build character, what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, as they say, unless it kills you then you might wish you stayed beneath the duvet just that little longer……

© 2022 robert greig

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