poetry aside: snap (9/8/21)

goes the camera phone
another and another
another snap snapped
snapped up snappily,
another passing moment
passed in a snap
a snap to wonder later
why did I take that,
I know, I’ll post it, let it
tumble down the timelines
‘til it’s never seen again
half a dozen ‘likes’,
point and click
another pointless snap
a second glance
and then the moments past,
gone in a swipe
and largely unremarked
drained into a pixel-void
of faceless lonely hearts,
a snap-decision made
to take a piece of world
to cut it from its moorings
and trap it like a bird,
in a plastic cage
not the latest model
not the latest rage
almost six months old,
what will others say
to be so out of date
time to buy another
before it gets too late,
worry not the waste
nor the exploitation
as long as I can feed
my insatiable addiction,
the lithium and yttrium
europium and terbium
lanthanum and silicon
iridium and gallium,
snap and chat
and fondle apps
snap and freeze
‘til fingers bleed,
you’ll never turn me off
once you turned me on
listening for pings
cleaving your attention,
there goes a camera phone
another and another
snapping-up the frivolous
tapping for the nebulous
interactive emptiness,
hey you
out there in the road
do you hear me
do you see me
do you know me
do you need me?

© 2021 robert greig

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