spin-cycles (17/9/20)

the only action which has effectively had any effect on curbing the spread of Covid-19 infections amongst a population or community has been simply keeping apart from each other, the now over-familiar ‘social-distancing’, which should more accurately be termed ‘physical distancing’ as we are able still to socialise to a point, we just had to keep our distance from one another, or establish, another well-worn, and slightly disingenuous phrase, ‘support bubbles’… of course none of this is ideal… all other means, modes and methods have proved to be, or remain unproven either way, just tinkering around the edges, many of which are useful as far as they go, quite often not very far, even facemasks have limitations and anyway are only as good as how they’re used, but one thing we’ve learned, if nothing else, and it definitely feels increasingly like we’ve learnt nothing from this despite hopes we would, one thing we’ve learned is staying away from one another worked… this is of course tricky for a species with strong social tendencies, and also from the point of view with regard to how we conduct our daily economic lives, as in, earn money and spend money, and that’s it, the shifting sands our culture, society and economy has been built upon: earn money, spend money, earn money, spend money… taking out relies on putting back in and round and round it goes, frequently it seems in ever-decreasing circles, like being on one continuous spin-cycle in an over-zealous washing machine… it’s pretty simple when broken down, though simple as it is if you fail to act or participate on either one of those seemingly simple demands you’ll be spat out soon enough… the earn-spend culture relies on both sides of the equation to function and the entire infrastructure has been built around that, becoming reliant to such a point as to be inextricably interdependent, a structure that will buckle all-too quickly and easily, particularly when restricting or even preventing physical interaction, irrespective of new technologies such as virtual shopping, the system relies on the earn-spend mantra, the digital world doesn’t come for free after all… thus, economics over health, although one could argue that a thriving economy contributes to general well-being as long as we continue to feed the modern-day equivalent of the sacrificial altar, the god of Covid… have we all become Covidites?… collectively there could be a logic, individually it becomes a grey area, and as we are not just a social but also an incredibly selfish species it does yet again create a bit of a conundrum… yes, once again I fall back on one of my most favourite words……. anyway, just a thought, I suppose I better go do something useful…………

© 2020 robert greig

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