the nose hat or naming gulls (15/Jan/18)

watching the wind shaking the leafless trees reminding it that winter’s still here and not to grow leaves too soon, keep the counsel of your roots just where they are and have been for months now, among the worms and hibernating pupae…

underfoot the mystery exceeds the myth where the unimaginable remains unimagined, which sounds all good and well as long as you’re not out in the elements as I was stalking the beach while a single gull stalked me held upon air from invisible string watching me, watching me, what is it thinking?… food, obviously, it’s always food and when it isn’t it’s sex, or reproduction… does it know it’s making babies or simply following instinct so innately ingrained?……

but mostly it’s food, which is now what I was thinking about as the wind behind me drove me step by step long the wavering shoreline…… in and out, in and out, just like the windsurfers… windsurfers! in this weather?… here’s me in layers of layers and still feeling the bite and they’re windsurfing in wetsuits decidedly wet teasing the wind with an is-that-all-you-got attitude…… not for me, not for me, I know when I’m beat and I’ve been beat for years now no longer feeling my fingertips and my nose wishing it wore a little hat… a nose hat, now wouldn’t that be cute…

stepping over apocalyptically-strewn piles of discarded seaweed from the last storm and despite the blue sky another is on the way…… but fear not, I’ll be back safely ensconced inside my cave when I eventually get back there and should the gull follow me I’ll give him a name… but he didn’t so it remains gullonomously nameless……

and anyway the gull who perches every day on top of the church roof cross would be decidedly cross as after all these years I’ve still failed to christen him at all, if indeed either are hims as equally they could be hers, ‘tis impossible to tell with a gull who is the he and who is the she……… if I was to name a gull, or a pair of gulls, one male one female then I could consider Larry… Larry for Larus, the scientific genus of these gulls, and Harriet being a homophonous twist on their common name, Herring gull…

ok, a bit of a stretch but solves my nominative dilemma… Larry and Harriet, I feel some avian tales coming on…….


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